Two types of carbonated beverages that are perfect for hot summers, 'Blue Coke' and 'Coolly Burning MEN'S Cider' Tasting Review

In hot summers there are a lot of people who can buy refreshing carbonated drinks with a shower, many new items are released, and the convenience store shelves continue to seize the share of the classic products and new products.

In such a situation,Itoen"MEN'S Burning Coolly ICE Citrus Flavor"Sapporo Beverage"Blue Coke" looked particularly cool, so I bought it and tried drinking it.

Details are as below.
The left is "MEN'S Cider burning cool," the right is "Blue Coke."

"Coolly burning MEN'S Cider" is a transparent cider.

Burning man's energy carbonic acidI heard that,citric acid,Ornithine,Arginine,L-carnitineIt seems that it contains four kinds of ingredients;

The raw material contains fructose glucose liquid sugar, but it also contains sweetener (acesulfame K).

90 kcal per one and the calorie is low.

One "blue cola". Illustrations depicting penguins drinking a cola are drawn.

45 kcal per 100 ml.

This is an ordinary carbonated drink using fructose dextrose sugar and sugar.

I poured it into a glass.

Thanks to the small amount of acesulfame K, there is not much artificial sweetness like "MEN'S Cider burning cool", but I have a unique aftertaste where bitterness remains behind in a bit. The citrus' sweet flavor may feel medicine for some people.

"Blue Coke" is a cola with a blue color. Compared with Coca-Cola, the sweetness is weak, but I do not taste as unusual as it looks.

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