A self-made dock that transforms iPad into a classical typewriter appears

Although I would like to place electronic equipment such as personal computer in the room, I think that there are quite a few people who do not want to ruin the atmosphere because of the current design, but such a person is a classical typewriter type iPad dock How about that?

Previously at GIGAZINEThe one with minimal design and transformed into an iPad dock with an integrated Macintosh with many enthusiastsAlthough I introduced it, it is as good as it is, it creates a good atmosphere.

Details are below.
USB Typewriter

Let's start with the movie.

YouTube - usbtypewriter demo

You can typing while enjoying the eccentric sound of crackling.

In addition to using the return key, it is also possible to move the carriage by moving the carriage carrying the iPad like a real typewriter.

When the carriage is returned, the cursor moves to the next line, which is a fancy mechanism.

This typewriter type USB keyboard was produced by Hive 76, DIY circle in Philadelphia, USA. Creative Commons licenses for design drawings and production proceduresDisplay - Nonprofit - Inherited) In addition to being publicly available on the original site, online sales of kits and finished products are also conducted.

The interior is very simple. Originally the metal arm is attached to the key, and thisArduinoIt is a mechanism that detects the pressing of the key by touching the electrode of the additional circuit using the device.

Since the connection between PC and keyboard is via USB, it can be used with various devices. There are lots of information on Arduino devices, so it may be possible to make it Bluetooth.

By the way, it seems that people who got accustomed to moving the carriage and breaking the line would use this computer.

YouTube - typist

At the moment of the line break, we have dropped the display off the desk.

By the way, this keyboard is broken by returning the carriage to its original position, but because the line feed code of the file is "CR (carriage return)Of course it does not seem to be changed to.

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