Amazing open source device "MagSpoof" that imitates and wirelessizes all credit card information

Since multiple credit card information can be saved, open source hardware that can take the place of multiple credit cards with only one magnetic stripe is "MagSpoof"is. For conventional magnetic stripes, it is possible to operate wirelessly without using NFC or RFID, and there is no need to enter a password in accounting.

Samyk / magspoof · GitHub

Open source hardware "MagSpoof" that can "imitate" magnetic stripes such as credit cards is open to hackersSamy KamkarMr. Kamkar in the past "Insertion into USB port Hacking device rewriting to DNS by setting a back door that can remotely control the PC in a few seconds"Or"Equipment that disguises as a USB adapter and wiretapping a wireless keyboard"And invented"Vulnerability to engage the engine by unlocking the automobile by taking over communication of the smartphoneThe person who discovered.

"MagSpoof" is a device that saves the information stored in the magnetic stripe part of the credit card in the main body so that it becomes a substitute for multiple credit cards with only one credit card without carrying it. The concept of "putting credit cards and cash cards together"CoinYaSWYPAlthough it is the same idea as, etc, it is the point that anyone can make it freely if there is knowledge and patience with open source hardware.

Size is about the same as American 25 cent coin. In other words, it is a messy compact.

For ordinary magnetic stripe readers, wireless authentication can be performed without sliding the magnetic stripe to the reader part. This is made possible by forming a strong electromagnetic field with MagSpoof magnetic parts and imitating the magnetic field when sliding a conventional magnetic stripe card. It imitates a magnetic field to operate the card reader, so no wireless communication equipment such as NFC or RFID is necessary.

You can easily understand how card information is recognized simply by holding it over the credit card reader if you look at the following GIF image.

As for how Kamkar reads credit card information, it seems that the information stored in the stripe part was embossed by sprinkling iron sand in the magnetic stripe part as shown in the following article.

Science to enjoy with credit card magnetic stripe - GIGAZINE

Kamkar's own electronic circuit diagram of "MagSpoof" is as follows.

However, the producer, Samy Kamkar, says "MagSpoof can not be used if the user is not permitted to use credit cards by law".

Information on "MagSpoof" is released to GitHub.

Samyk / magspoof · GitHub

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