A dramatically light and space-saving air keyboard "AirType" that allows you to enter characters anywhere by just sticking to the palm of your hand

The keyboard is the device that you use almost without omission when entering characters on PC, smartphone, tablet PC, but the physical keyboard gets in the way of obstructing the place and the software keyboard displayed on the screen also occupies screen space There are also things that often get in the way. An input device that reproduces without taking up space simply by attaching the keyboard which is such a convenient and obstructive input device to the palm is called "AirType"is.


You can see what kind of product AirType is, by looking at the following movies and so on.

For 150 years since the era of typewriters invented in the 1800s, humans have used similar keyboards all the time.

Even though tablet PCs began to popular in the 2000s, the basic idea was the same.

However, a new type input device "AirType" that overturned such a way of thinking was invented.

By attaching a small device to both hands, you can use it as an input device to replace the conventional keyboard.

AirType which is expressed as "Perfect typing accessory" is a tool that allows you to type letters anywhere you wear it in your palm.

According to the website description, AirType seems to be able to input characters with the same feeling as a conventional keyboard by "learning" the movements of the user's fingers.

Bluetooth mark is printed on the body, wireless connection of course with the terminal.

If you hook it on the tablet, it is compact even when carrying it.

AirType which can be used without being bothered by the space where the keyboard is placed can be said to be an input device perfect for tablet PC. Depending on usage, it may be useful not only for tablet PCs but also for desktop PCs.

The air keyboard "AirType" is a stage where development is continuing for release, and further details will be clarified from now on.websiteYou can receive the latest information by registering it to the mailing list from the bottom of.

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