"Sengoku BASARA 3 heavenly noodle crushed pig bone soy sauce ramen" deepening "noodles and soup" bonds review

PS3 / Wii software released on July 29, 2010 tomorrow "Sengoku BASARA 3"And a tie-up product with longevity"Sengoku BASARA 3 Tenku noodomi crushed pig bone soy sauce ramenSince it was on sale, I bought it at once and tried it.

Longevity and special siteAccording to "It is a gem that often intertwines with" ruffled noodles "of the image which breaks down the era through ruins through ruining pig bone soy sauce soup which imaged the power of Sengoku Hero," the noodles and There is "bond" of soup, deep - ", but how much is that" bond "really?

Details are as below.Longevity and Food Products Co., Ltd.: Special information

The taste is "broken pork bone soy sauce" 1 type, but there are 2 patterns of packages. This is "Ieyasu Tokugawa & Masamune Date Date" version.

This is "Ishida Mitsunari & amp; Yukimura" version.

Some of them included "Do not understand paste", "Soup contained soup", "Liquid soup".

As 364 kcal per meal, average calories as cup noodles.

Raw material name is like this. Because it is pork bone soy sauce taste, there are many elements that seems to be heavily rich, such as pork extracts and animal and vegetable fats and oils.

Pour hot water, cover and wait 3 minutes. Do not forget to put the liquid soup on the lid and warm it up.

It is done. Oil is clearly floating on the surface, and the impression that it was pretty terrible visually.

It was a feeling that it looked like a noodle that seemed to be slightly stronger, but it was just a scattered noodle, and when I tried it, the texture of the noodle was partially felt and the texture of the noodle was felt firmly and it was fun. The soup is thick with the thought that it is due to oil, the soy sauce taste is stronger than the Tonkotsu flavor. I also felt the presence of pretty fried garlic and thread peppers strongly. As a whole, it is quite a rich condition, so it may be hard to eat one of these people who is not good at women and greasy things.

There is gift information on the back of the lid. Since it is said that it is possible to apply with three pieces of one mouth, it seems that you can apply for one application each time you buy one with each package wrapped in favorite warrior.

Entry tickets with dazzling characters of "bond" are on the surface of the lid.

As the original Bassara hanging scroll "Tenku Nodame Nogyo" is 50 people, the battle-to-the-battle battle tower "Bata" (a picture plate with a full color illustration) seems to hit 450 people, Sengoku BASARA fans can apply maybe.

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