A full size Gundam which moved from Odaiba to Shizuoka, a state before the ceremony of the public eve of the evening

Publicly open to the public in Shizuoka from July 24, 2010REAL GRADE 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam". The president of Bandai, Mr. Takahisa Nishikawa of T.M. Revolution, the designer of the first generation Gundam festival was held yesterday,I saw a state of activating the mist ejecting beam saberHowever, I also took a picture even when the light up before the ceremony began was not done.

Details are as below.
Gundam appeared in Higashi Shizuoka Square on the north side of JR Higashi Shizuoka Station. You can see the figure even from outside the square.

1/1 Gundam isShizuoka Hobby FairIt is part of.

The leaflet is like this.

Opening guide map.

There are also emergency stations available, but sunlight measures should be done well enough.

Shizuoka hobby museum where you can learn about the history of models.

There are plenty of places to eat.

The Gundam is placed in the Gundam Zone in the square.

You can see the figure even from outside the Gundam Zone.

Gundam which can be seen from the shade of trees.

Looking like this in the Gundam Zone.

Appearance of familiar tricolor color.

There are markings everywhere.

A real size Gundam is appearing in the middle of the city.

Because beam saber has one in his hand, only the left side is stuck in the backpack.

The root where the beam saber is stuck.

There is a directing that is melted in the muddy.

Mist comes out from the slit of the chest is specification.
Humans are as high as the ankle.

Although it is quite large, it looks smaller compared to the NTT docomo building etc. next to it.

Photo deck that can photograph photographs backed by Gundam.

There is a service that photographers will take pictures at the photo deck.

The photograph taken with the camera owned by the agent is sold for 1000 yen.

Even if you take it from behind, the goodness of parentheses will not decline.

It is also possible to shoot from just below.

I made a round and took a picture with a movie. In the venue, successive songs from Gundam are flowing.
YouTube - Shizuoka's full-size Gundam Publishing Eve Festival, taking a round trip

You can see a different expression depending on the time zone.

A position to face the moon.

Dong Dong Yang falls.

Before the start of the ceremony, the sky was a bit strange in color.

I feel somewhat disturbing.

When it gets dark, light emitting gimmick etc. built in about 50 places will work and it will be lighted up.

A seat for the ceremony was prepared in front of the Gundam. This is the seat of Director Tomino.

There were also seats for the chairman of Sunrise.

The Gundam just before the ceremony.

What kind of ceremony came to beHerePlease check from.

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