Experience report of 'Godzilla Intercept Operation-National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center', an attraction that is swallowed by a full-scale Godzilla with a total length of 120 meters

On Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, the world's first full-scale Godzilla attraction, ' Godzilla Intercept Operation-National Godzilla Awaji Island Research Center, ' will open on Saturday, October 10, 2020. You can enjoy the 'zip line' where participants rush into Godzilla's body and the 'shooting' mission to destroy Godzilla cells. In addition to the completion announcement event, I experienced what kind of attraction it was.

Godzilla interception strategy | [Official] Crayon Shin-chan


The National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center is located in ' Hyogo Prefectural Awajishima Park Anime Park Nijigen Nomori ' in the northern part of Awajishima . The address is 2425-2 Kusumoto, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture .

Arrived at the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center. The building is based on the image of the base of NIGOD (National Awaji-island Institute of GOdzilla Disaster).

A huge poster of 'Godzilla interception operation' designed with Godzilla's face drawn in black and white.

'Godzilla interception operation headquarters'

Beyond the metal fence, I could see the storage and the sash warehouse.

Looking at the road next to the fence, a huge Godzilla's face glimpses in the back.

Godzilla is so huge that it will be overwhelming when approaching. The 4th form of Godzilla that appeared in '

Shin Godzilla ' released in 2016 seems to be the motif.

The dentition that is too bad and the eyes that are rounded are impressive.

The inside of the mouth is illuminated by blue light.

At the completion announcement event held in front of this huge Godzilla, actress

Hirona Yamazaki , Toho's managing director and CGO (Chief Godzilla Officer) Keiji Ota, Mayor Yasuhiko Kado of Awaji City, Well of Hyogo Prefecture Governor Toshizo, Chairman Yasuyuki Nanbu of the Pasona Group, and Kenji Tamura, an entertainer who loves Awaji Island, acted as the tape cut.

After the completion announcement event, I was able to actually experience the attractions. First of all, head to the 'Godzilla Interception Operation Headquarters', which will be the ticket office and theater.

Next to the entrance was a magnificent wooden sign.

The inside of the theater looks like this.

The walls are decorated with figures and photographs of Godzilla.

There was also a flag with the NIGOD logo and name on it. If you look closely at the logo, you can see Godzilla and Awaji Island.

A transparent smartphone case that is given to you as soon as you enter. It can be sealed and can be hung from the neck.

There were two types of museum admission tickets and attraction permits in the smartphone case. This is a substitute for tickets for attractions and museums.

NIGOD is an organization aimed at measures against Godzilla, and it seems that some of the staff are military personnel. The staff dressed in military uniform will guide you like a soldier with a strong pressure, saying, 'Sit in order from the back and wait!'

At the theater, there will be a movie explaining why Godzilla landed on Awaji Island and why Godzilla stopped moving with his mouth open. Hirona Yamazaki, who was also on stage at the completion announcement event, and

Satoru Matsuo, who played the vice chairman of the ruling party's political affairs in the movie 'Shin Godzilla,' will also appear in the movie. If you are curious about what kind of movie it is, please take a look at it locally.

After watching the movie in the theater, I will head to the storage to complete the 'Mission to monitor Godzilla's body or body surface'.

In the storage, you need to leave your luggage and jacket in a locker and sign a consent form to participate in the Godzilla interception operation.

After signing, the next step is to put on the harness.

NIGOD staff will fix the harness firmly.

The fixed place looks like this.

By sliding the wire through the metal fittings held by both hands, it becomes possible to jump into Godzilla's body.

For your safety, wear a helmet. A NIGOD emblem was affixed to the helmet.

You only have one zipline experience and you can choose between the body (162 meters long) and the surface (152 meters). This time I definitely want to experience being swallowed by Godzilla! So I chose the body.

After choosing between the body and the surface, climb the tower, which is the starting point for the zipline.

The following is a picture of actually jumping into the body using a zip line with GoPro. In addition, shooting with GoPro this time is done with special permission, and originally it is possible to shoot only with the smartphone in the smartphone case distributed at the theater. If you want to skip the preparation part and see only the part where you jump in, please play from

about 1 minute 50 seconds .

I've done a zipline mission to jump into the body of a full-scale Godzilla at the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center --YouTube

When I was looking at the zip line from a distance, I thought that it wouldn't be scarier than I expected, but when I actually slipped, the wind and speed that hit my face was quite powerful. In addition, smoke is cooked in Godzilla's body, and when swallowed, visibility may deteriorate for a moment, and it may be awkward to 'swallow ...!'.

Between the tower and Godzilla, there is a spot where you can take a picture of a person sliding on a wire with a zip line. The following movie is a picture of a person who actually slides on a zip line from the shooting spot.

The zipline of the life-sized Godzilla attraction at the National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center looks like this-YouTube

Operation participants who slide at a considerable speed.

A person who slides on the zip line inside the body is swallowed by Godzilla's body, which opens his mouth.

After completing the zipline mission and coming down from the goal, I found Godzilla's huge hand.

And beyond that, there is a shooting area. It is a mission to shoot Godzilla cells scattered from Godzilla.

The facility built beside Godzilla is the shooting range.

From the window, you can see Godzilla cells that scatter and glow suspiciously.

There are rifles, counters and buttons.

The rifle was based on the

FN P90 .

The shooting mission was to shoot Godzilla cells with a rifle, crouch down and avoid them when there was a loud noise, and so on, competing for the height of the points.

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