Shizuoka's real size Gundam, which was opened to the public, at the official shop, a matrix of 3 hours or more

Moved from Odaiba, I decided to stand up in Shizuoka to further improve the powerREAL GRADE 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam". In OdaibaMany people gathered even on weekdaysHowever, Shizuoka saw how many people are coming at the opening day.

For details such as photos and movies that understand the number of people in the hall, details are below.
The nearest station is Higashi Shizuoka.

You can shoot Gundam with running bullet train.

The moving walk in the station camp was stopped and it was organized by a cone.

People waiting for admission are seen beyond the fence.

Many people were shooting from the station because the figure of Gundam can be seen from outside the venue.

Sign of the last tail. When I arrived at 10 o'clock, it was a queue waiting for about 30 minutes.

Basically it waits in the scorching sun, but there are parts that are well shadowed.

A police official liaison office next to the queue.

Before entering, there were about 5 helicopters flying above the venue.

Police officers also wait several times.

And entrance begins.

We started a slow entrance following the leading staff.
YouTube - Shizuoka real life Gundam, the first day of public entry

It is free to see Gundam, but this Shizuoka Hobby Museum is charged. Still a lot of people were in there.

Official shop selling original goods.

The waiting time of the shop is 210 minutes.

People lining in the shop The area around the white roof visible under the Applied is the official shop.

Many original goods are prepared, but it seems to take quite a while to purchase.

In the official shop.

It seems like this when no one is present.

Signboard for introducing a food booth.

Special store openGundam CafeIt is also a pretty matrix.

YouTube - A view of Shizuoka real life Gundam venue on public release day

A state of Gundam on the first day of public release.

Everyone is shooting Bashibashi.

Incidentally, around 10:50, the queue of entrance ceased to exist and was to be inserted as it was. There was no feeling that there were more people than Odaiba, depending on the difference in good access, but those who go to see while the sun is out and those who are for the purpose of goods of the official shop are careful about the heat measures Please give me.

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