"Entry Plug Entry Experience" report of "EVANGELION: WORLD - Full size first machine build plan -" sold out today's less than 5 minutes

One of the highlights of "EVANGELION: WORLD - the real thing first machine aircraft planning" which opened from Friday, July 23 (Fri.) on Fujikyu Highland, actually got on the entry plug which Shinji, Ray, Asuka boarded and commemorative photography "Entry Plug Entry Experience" can be done corner. It was popular for the first day of the open day today, which was sold out for 120 days of the day with less than 5 minutes from the sale, but I will introduce it in the photo and movie as to how it actually rides.

Entry plugs of a size that people can get in are pretty impressive, so if you are a person who has seen the work, it comes with a specification that comes with a great deal, but when you get in to the unexpectedly, There seems to be several such things.

Details are as below. Fujikyu Highland | Evangelion Full-size First Entry Construction Plan

In the room in the attraction, the seat part of the entry plug is settled. There are 2 to 3 other exhibitions, like a room, but the entry plug was using the whole room in its entirety.

People who were able to get the tickets on the day made a row. By the way, the same day winning form that the sale starts only for the day after the opening day. Advance tickets are set with free passLawson TicketIt can be obtained at.

Attention points are written for boarding in various ways. For example, people over 150 kg in weight can not board. In addition, while it is under construction, it is a possible setting for two-seater, but it seems to be sure to board one by one here.

Also, it is better to take sandals better than shoes so it's easier to take off.

Since it is closed on this occasion, it is slightly strange that it is open and the inside is visible.

Sit down through the recessed portion in front.

Opening CeremonyMC worked onMizuko MomokoHe got on board as soon as he wore a plug suit with Ray's cosplay. However, as a woman comes in with a mini skirt, he seems to have fallen into a serious troubled situation because the structure is such that the feet will open naturally when entering the entry plug .... It seems better to take a moment to wear clothes.

You can take a picture from such an angle.

Regardless of age and sex, the rapists who won the ticket fighting game will get on one after another.

Actual boarding time is perhaps about 30 seconds per person, and attendants will take a commemorative photo with crispy. Pretty spinning is pretty fast.

The photographs taken are handed over to the special mount. Competition rate is quite high, but if you like Eva we recommend taking a boarding.

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