Surface of iPad and iPhone with 10 yen coin or electric screwdriver, extremely strong protective sheet "invisibleSHIELD" durability test review

Super powerful protective seat "invisibleSHIELD" is fine even if you drill iPad or iPhone with drillI got to the editorial department, so I tried that defense power.

This "invisible SHIELD" is made of a special material that scratches are very difficult to achieve, it is Uri, "Even if you stretch it, you can scratch it with a pen, it's okay!" Promotional photos and movies are on official website It is up and it shows the defense of that iron wall. Believe that information, paste this shield on your iPad or iPhone, mobilize everything from 10 yen coin to electric driver, decided to scratch with scratches and experiment.

The details of the startling experiment are as The strongest protection shield adopted by nanotechnology, appearance.

This is "invisible SHIELD" for iPhone 3G / 3G S.

It was a strange form package, with a kirichi line on the bottom.

This is the contents. Shield body, dedicated spray, scraper (spatula) from the left. Four shields are attached to the front, back, top and bottom.

Wash your hands thoroughly before you spray the spray on your fingertips.

First, I will stick it from the surface. While peeling off the shield with a wet finger tipped with a spray, I spray the spray little by little. The shield itself has considerable adhesive strength, and this operation is essential as fingers and shields stick together when touching without spraying.

When you finish dusting on the back, spray it even on the surface.

I will place it gently on the iPhone with a hole for calling as a guide.

Use a scraper to drive bubbles or spray liquid out. Since the attached spray is also liquid, it is a habit to work so as not to enter the home button or the hole for calls.

Wipe off moisture on the surface with a cloth.

I was able to paste it tightly.

Because the shape is complex for the back side, there were parts where the cut was sweet in some places, so smooth peeling after tracing with a cutter.

Spray on your finger or shield as well as on the surface and gently place it on the iPhone.

We will also attach the sheets at the top and bottom in the same way.

Since the scraper is a soft material, it will go along a curved surface to some extent, but it seems better to work with the fingers on the details.

It was able to paste with Pitri here as well.

So, I'd like to try out the power of "invisibleSHIELD" at once. First of all, in order to add 10 yen scratches, I prepared a 10 - yen coin and rubbed the surface of the crack.

YouTube - I'm frustrating to add a 10-yen scratch on my iPhone with "invisibleSHIELD"

Next, I try to pinch the surface with electric screwdriver. I understand that it is sticking a shield with the iron wall protection, but I am honestly sorry.

YouTube - Try to gorry the iPhone equipped with "invisibleSHIELD" with an electric screwdriver

Despite having worked violently in this way, the body is not scratched at all. It was surprising as I was prepared for a bit of scratching ....

Next will start for the iPad. This package is an elongated box, quite large.

The contents are like this. Dedicated spray, scraper, shield (front / back), instructions from counterclockwise from the upper left. Because the area is wide, the special spray is also big size.

I spray the spray on my fingertip and stick it.

While peeling off the shield spray on the back. Unlike for iPhone, the fact that it is in a rolled state and the shield itself is large, so it is smoother to have people help others such as holding the edge.

Also shuffle on the surface. The basic procedure is almost same as for iPhone.

I will purge water and bubbles with a scraper. Because the area is wide, it is better for someone to help with this procedure.

In some cases it was possible to eliminate fine bubbles that could not be purged easily by scraping with the scraper's paddle.

I pressed it with scrape and scraper and finished sticking.

I will stick the back side as well.

I fought a little bit more than the iPhone, but I managed to manage it somehow. Again, as the area is large, the amount of work simply increases.

I did not do it with a 10 - yen coin experimented on the iPhone, so I decided to try it with Garagori at the end of a radio pliers.

I tried to scratch as hard as I heard the sound, but the trace disappears from the side where I scratched.
YouTube - I tried to pinch my fang with a radio pliers on the screen of the iPad equipped with "invisible SHIELD"

Of course, I will try to gully with an electric driver as well. In the middle of the movie the driver is standing upright vertically.

YouTube - iPad equipped with "invisibleSHIELD" powered by electric driver

I peeled off the shield and confirmed it, the main body was not scratched.

The editorial department became turbulent at one time due to the defense force which seems to be a thin film. I felt that it would be enough for usual use, of course that it would not be ok to inadvertently apply an electric screwdriver. Although this time it was painful for the experiment, since "invisible SHIELD" is a shield prevention shield to the end, the shock at the time of dropping is not subject to defense. Because trouble may occur in the main body, please do not do rough things.

Although the shield itself is slightly smaller than the screen of the main body, it becomes hard to slip, so it may not be suitable for those who pursue the feeling of smoothness when touching. Since the shield for the iPhone 4 has already been released, it is recommended for those who want to keep scratches on the screen or the body anyway and want to keep the new condition.

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