I tried using 'Kakunori' which can be glued cleanly to the corner with a kakukaku head

From March 24, 2021, KOKUYO has released 'Kakunori, ' which is characterized by its square shape, which solves the problem of 'difficulty applying glue to the corners' that frequently occurs when gluing. At the time of filing tax returns, many people will be busy with the work of pasting receipts on paper ... So, I actually tried using it to see how smoothly it could be used.

Kakunori | KOKUYO Stationery


You can see what is useful and how useful Kakunori is in one shot by watching the following movie.

The 'Kakunori' stick type that can be glued to the corners with a squishy head looks like this-YouTube

This is Kakunori. There are liquid type and stick type, and each has blue and pink color variations.

First of all, I will actually use the liquid glue. Liquid glue tends to have the problem that the glue does not come out easily, but Kakunori can be stored upright with the contact part facing down, so the glue comes out immediately when you want to use it.

Just push the cap from both sides ...

The cap will pop off.

Note that it is necessary to remove the inner lid inside the head when using it for the first time.

As the name suggests, Kakunori features a crisp, square head. The content is 30 ml.

When gluing paper with right-angled corners such as receipts, it may be difficult to apply the glue to the corners with a cylindrical glue ...

Often, when you try to apply glue to the corners, the glue sticks out.

On the other hand, Kakunori has a square head, so try to press it against the corner ...

You can glue it to the corner just by pulling it on one horizontal character.

Another feature is that the container itself is crisp and square.

The crisp and square container has an excellent fit to the fingers and feels much easier to hold than the cylindrical container.

To close the cap, just pierce the cap and push it in. There is a click direction for the cap, but it will automatically rotate to the correct direction just by pushing it in, so it will close without permission even if you push it in quite loosely.

It looks like this when you are actually using it.

The 'Kakunori' liquid type that can be glued cleanly to the corners with a squishy head looks like this-YouTube

The liquid is transparent, so it's hard to see, but it's very comfortable to apply. You can glue it neatly just by putting it lightly and moving it smoothly.

Next, check the stick-type Kakunori.

This also features a square design with a crisp head and container. The content is 8g.

It is common with general glue sticks that the head part protrudes when the bottom is rotated.

The feature is that it can be glued to the corners by making the best use of the square head.

The glue is a colored type that you can see at a glance where you applied it. This color disappears after a while and disappears.

It looks like this when actually used. Compared to the liquid type, it is necessary to apply a little force, and the impression that uneven coating appears. Immediately after applying it, the color disappears at an explosive speed, so it seems better to stick it together quickly.

The 'Kakunori' stick type that can be glued to the corners with a squishy head looks like this-YouTube

The impression is that it is a little more difficult to handle than the liquid type, but the stick type has the characteristic that the paper is less likely to wrinkle, and the convenience of holding a square container is common. When I applied it, I made it stand vertically, and it seemed that the glue could be applied cleanly without unevenness.

'Kakunori' liquid type is 130 yen excluding tax for both blue and pink. The stick type is 120 yen excluding tax for both colors.

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