【GIGAZINE advance delivery】 Predator vs The most powerful killers of the earth, the movie "Predators" latest subtlety with Japanese subtitles

Mercenaries · Women Sniper · Doctors · Murmurs · Muses of Men · Death rowers · Russian special agents · The strongest murderers on the planet, the members of the RUF (Revolutionary Unified Front), are unknown planet from the earth by Predator It is gathered in "hunting" as a prey of "hunting" ... It will be expanded in the story as an example by the example of .... The movie released from Saturday, July 10Predators"is.

It introduces the full HD version of the latest trailer movie with Japanese subtitles which shows the overwhelming and intense strength of Predator from the story to the introduction of the strongest killers of the earth on GIGAZINE precedent. Among the trailers I've seen so far, the quality is overwhelmingly high, it is a masterpiece. To be honest, this one level is enough.

So, the trailer movie with 2 minutes and 32 seconds is played from the following. It is possible to watch at 240p · 360p · 480p · 720p · 1080p each picture quality.
YouTube - Movie "Predators" Newest trailer movie with Japanese subtitles

If you draw a screenshot for someone who is in an environment that can not be played, the contents are roughly like this, but the battle scenes that are not listed here are also packed, so there is no loss to see. Especially moving to YouTube and playing at 1080p of full HD picture quality is the best. "Oh yeah, if you do Predator in full HD it will be like this!" It is an atmosphere that really has a deep emotion.

The movie ticket for "Predators" is a net service for digital TV "Activila"When,My Theater Official iPhone ApplicationIt is the first title to be purchased at Japan, and from July 24 (Saturday) onwards, the target will be expanded to all works screened at TOHO Cinemas. Also, it seems that the official iPad application is planning to offer this service.

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