What is the stereoscopic image of the big favorite "3D Avatar" of 3-D stereoscopic movies, the special preview report of 15 minutes & the impressions I experienced and so on

The other day,2D version trailer releasedAnd it is expected that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the biggest featured work at the end of 2009 "Avatar"That 15-minute special pre-screening was held from around 19 o'clock, so I actually experienced it. To be honest, when I saw the trailer released yesterday, I thought "Wow? Are you okay ...??" So I thought that the sense of anxiety was ahead of us, but the latency just to blow away that sense of uneasiness I felt enough power. Although it is a quality that you want to go to see if it is published, it may be hard to tell what exactly is great if you do not actually experience it. Sensoryly, it seems like 2D is supposed to be interesting enough, but 3D should have a level of immersion higher by one level.

Since reports and impressions etc. are enumerated as it is not faded, please refer to it in the future.

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Matters occurred at the special screening event of 15 minutes.

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Viewed from the inside. Since there are times when fingerprints are attached, it may be good to wipe a little before screening.

So, at 19 o'clock, the preview starts. First of all, Cameron 's coach appeared and asked questions like "Were you wearing glasses properly?" It is strange that the director properly also has a three-dimensional feeling. Explanation that the 15-minute version of this time is a digest version without any spoilers is lightened, and the main part is started with haste.

The setting of the stage is set in the 22nd century, the planet Pandora. Is there a big wounded captain in the face of the base there or what is it What a man like a commander like a great military commander seems to say that this planet Pandora is a dangerous place and hell better I'll explain it to the other members who are gathering there. As it is said, if you step out of the base, every beast will come to attack you in order to kill you. Also there are creatures called Navi of indigenous people, and they explain not only that they have a strong physical body, but also because they strengthen the bones with carbon fiber, it is a very threatening thing. And the role of those who do not like this soldier is to safely protect everyone, but I assure that it is impossible. In the midst of this briefing the main character will appear in wheelchairs ... ... this cut ends.

In the next scene in the dark, in the next scene, it starts from the place where the main character 's man crawls up and lies on something like a bed-like inspection table (there are several like link devices) on its own. Here, an actress Sigourney Weaver familiar with alien series appeared as a scientist. It is okay if you let the main character sleep on the table while relaxing and lying down as usual, saying something like reckless to try linking without training, do not think about anything as usual Empty state Say something like that, close the hatch of the table. Also, Sigourney Weaver has a portrayal similar to starting another link with Navi. The link is started as it is, the value is recorded 40%, another male scientist says that it seems to be "the best brain". And Navi and the protagonist who is lying in another room becomes a possession possession like a link, it is exactly state of being "manipulating avatar" in MMORPG etc etc. The scene of feeling like vision, sense of hand, reaction of hearing, confirmation that the nerve is working properly by sticking each thumb and fingers, etc. continues. Although the hero is bad as you can understand from the fact that he was on a wheelchair, it is regaining the sense of foot by possessing Navi, and although it is told that "I am not familiar yet, do not stand" I get excited even though I get off the place like the operating table, and it standing upright standing up. It is clear that Navi is quite tall living thing at this point. Scientists say things like "Striking sedatives!", After shielding those restraints, the main character leaves the door open as it is "honestly!" As it is possessed by Navi, and then opens the door as it is Cut it in the scene that it goes ahead and goes out ... .... It was also included in the trailer released yesterday.

In the third scene in darkness it was in the jungle and it was quite nice that this scene was pretty frankly "Oh, the stereoscopic video was amazing!" From the back of the hero who possessed possession of Navi in ​​front of the planet Pandora 's giant beasts like Tarkelatops' head shakedheads are threatening rifle and rivaling Navi in ​​the same way A state about two people who are saying things like "Do not fire! Calm down!" It is a feeling that it seems to be a bit rampant with a huge beast, but as the hero also threatens to be defeated, suddenly stopped stopping and going back and forth, the hero will have a look that seems to do it , But in fact it is a scenes of common feeling that another terrible carnivorous wretch like a brutal carnivorous beast appeared slowly from the back of the hero and the other beast flew solely to escape. The stunning part of this scene is three-dimensional and airy feeling of the jungle's vegetation. Especially, as a directive unique to the jungle, small flies are flying around here and there, but they misunderstand that this is actually flying at the edge of sight. While there are depths like the jungle, there are lots of obstacles, and I understood that the place like seems to be able to reproduce the atmosphere considerably in stereoscopic video. So the carnivorous beast jumps over to the hero and the hero runs around bamboo (which it seems to be only bamboo itself rather than bamboo, bamboo rather than anything), a huge carnivorous beast rushing bamboo and destroying plants A spectacular scene that chasing after chasing. Of course fragments and fragments that were destroyed will fly to Byunbye and Attacks of huge carnivorous beasts will produce very wonderful power in stereoscopic images. I feel like I want Jurassic Park again with this quality. It is over with a scene that the hero who was hit was shooting a gun. The Takeshi scene itself was partly included in the trailer released yesterday. It is striking that the cartridge case of the gun is properly three-dimensional and falls to the ground while dancing in the air.

Next is a night jungle, where the hero is walking like quadruped dogs and is haunted by jackals or around the size of the beasts, a woman's Navi appears with a bow and arrows, a fierce beast Scenes to drive them away. In the trailer that was released the other day, it was only the scene "Something flying and letting out a bow and arrow" scene, but the power of this scene is also quite. Night in the evening, running beasts, Navi fighting them, and even scenes that throw fire burned sticks into the water and forcibly turn off lights are all very beautiful. After this, the main character is preached somewhat in a one-word language to a woman's Navi (probably not a possession of a human being, but a Navi as an indigenous person) Although he is eating tsundere's state of tongue clearly speaking, This scene is well done. In the trailer released yesterday, Navi's skin, which I thought was somewhat CG nasty, was too overwhelming, was actually made quite finely, and its texture was quite clear in stereoscopic images I understand. Also, its motion and expression that seems to make full use of motion capture are exactly the performance of the actor, so there is little sense of incompatibility. Or, because it is a stereoscopic image, I feel that complementation in the brain works "Somehow it is real" ~. With the sense that it is probably not clear in the image of the plane, the world between "2D (previous movies)" and "3D (reality)" between the real world and the planar image world, called "2.5D (stereoscopic image)" It is like feeling. In addition, this scene itself ends with a scene to say something like "You felt the strength of your heart" that makes me think of future romantic developments.

The next scene is certainly a scene like a ceremony to capture a thing like a flying dragon (such as Wyburn which appears in the trailer, Flying dragonlike alley) for one hero only. Passing over the top of a cliff near the waterfall's backside, I infiltrate into a place like a huge nesting place where there are mountains of dragons. This scene has a lot of amazing monsters when you go through the back of a waterfall, there is a sense of tension very much like a wow, and at the same time "It is a cute, even a single big beast is struggling very much like this I will end this story with you here .... "If you are striking all at once, you will also feel a slight sense of hopelessness like ...". As a so-called "trial" feeling, the hero has something like a whip in his hand and asked a woman Navi "How do I choose?" Female type Navi says something like "I came to kill you is the opponent to partner, opportunity is only once". Although the protagonist is intimidated when it comes close to the flight dragon, most of the flying dragon fly away. However, the protagonist chooses this flying dragon, because the flying dragon of apparently evil seemingly evil seems not escape at all, he intends to threaten the main character and attack it. The other Navi who saw it (what it is saying, the dress like the indigenous-like atmosphere full of prejudice) is laughing with a feeling like "I will kill this guy!", But the hero is that On the contrary, screaming towards the flying dragon, threatening, jumping into that gap, fighting meat, head biting, climbing up, climbing up, a scary battle-like scene was unfolded, a little more from the cliffs Although it seems likely to be dropped to the bottom, it jumps over there, rocks the head of the flying dragonly, locks with both feet, and intrudes from the earliest part of the flying dragon and dominates things like a whip that he had in his hands I succeed. As I thought it was over, I told you something like "Please fly soon in order to secure mutual ties quickly", and what a kind of thing is said, . It faces upright but it fits well, finally gets used to it and ends with a scene that says things like "Yoshi, left turn!" This scene was mostly not in the trailer movie, each scene which scarcely goes from a scene where there is almost no foothold in Takigami, a scene which seems to fall down from the edge of the cliff, and a scene which fly on the dragon fly clearly say " People with age of phobia will close their eyes ...... "Because there is a three-dimensional feeling, it was finished in a scene worth seeing in the theater. On the contrary, for those who say "Love the high place! Roller coaster and I love it!" The best nice scene continues in succession. What it is, this is the true point of this "Avatar".

After that, something like stitching together the other scenes barely comes out, the title comes out and it ends. After a while, this time the whole trailer which was just released on the Internet the other day was screened as it is. Since the trailer saw more holes beforehand, it became a feeling that "When the scene becomes three-dimensional, it becomes like this!", The impression of this trailer has changed a lot. Especially since it looks like the second half powered suit, the scene that shoots ridiculously, the scenes that shoot all over the Gatling gun, the power of the scenes of the air battle are abnormal. In addition, the scene that female type Navi cries also makes the atmosphere well by becoming very stereoscopic, and rather than saying that it makes it three-dimensional, it is said that "stereoscopic images are part of the directing" I felt a glimpse of my posture. Probably, although it can be tolerable as it is in 2D, I was sure that I saw it in 3D is a much more valuable movie. However, since it should not feel realistic without actually experiencing the image by actually seeing the image, in that sense it can not convey attractiveness well, and maybe it may be a difficult struggle for box office ... ... No premonition Also. Because when you are watching only the 2D trailer released yesterday, it will embrace the impression like "What is this Final Fantasy?" However, that concern is a level to erase when seeing the real thing of the stereoscopic image, and it is clear that it is useless to build it thoroughly with such feeling. Or rather, it may be better not to publish except the 1080p full HD trailer. Even those who are not in such a high-spec environment that they can reproduce,Apple's trailer site in the article introduced the other dayYou should download the highest resolution movie from it and check that the texture is built properly. Also, if you look at the trailer, you can be as big as possible with a huge monitor, and if you look closely at the highest resolution image, you can find something close to the feeling of 3D video somehow.

I felt it would be great if I could see "alien" or "Independence Day" or "Black Hawk Down" with stereoscopic images with this quality of texture and air quality. Personally I thought that there is no loss by seeing it before I die.

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