In Japan's first IMAX Next Generation Laser 109 Cinema Osaka Expo City like this is like this & Reviews that experienced image quality and sound at the first "The Walk" preview

It will be Japan's first appearanceIMAX next generation laserThe latest cinema equipped with the state-of-the-art 4K twin laser projector and realistic realistic 12ch next generation sound system will be a grand opening on November 19 (Thursday)EXPOCITY (Expo City)Inside "109 Cinema Osaka Expo City"is. Theater 11 where IMAX is actually screened at the exhibition in Monday, November 16 (Monday), and further combines vibration, movement, wind, odor, light, etc.4DX"Theaters 2 and the first preview preview on Wednesday, November 18 (Wednesday) as I have also seen" The Walk ", I will make a note of what I felt.

109 Cinema Osaka Expo City Movie Theater, Cinecon, Screening Schedule | 109 CINEMAS

Since the entrance of Expo City rises so quickly, there are no people lost

Immediately after entering, with Decadeca "Welcome to the movie experience of a new dimension", IMAX next generation laser and 4DX will be launched into the gang and pushed. Or, in the first place, the world's first IMAX was established in the Expo Memorial Park in 1970, so to speak, IMAX of this time is positioned as "It has finally returned again!" In addition, the next generation IMAX and 4 DX are installed worldwide at the same time.

"Stunning Japan's biggest screen" "The state-of-the-art 4K twin laser projector" "Realistic realistic 12ch next generation sound system" and the self-praised storm

Pepper has welcomed me in some place just in. When you go home you will see "Ba me on me"

The lobby is like this, the ceiling is quite high.

Automatic ticket issuing machine is moving right on the right side.

Menu that can be muzzled is like this

Prices of various menus

The entrance part where the left hand side passes tickets

Immediately after entering theater 11, IMAX next generation laser

You will get stereoscopic glasses etc here. Go into the aisle further and turn the passage further ... ... with the feeling that ... It is important to walk to the seat considerably as compared to other theaters.

In the 4DX earlier this time "Star Wars / Force's AwakensTo experience the trailer, go further. On the way, published on March 25, 2016 "Batman vs Superman Justice BirthNotice poster also found.

At the end you go to the right and you can go to theater 2 with 4 DX

Seating arrangement is like this.

Beginning entrance, slashing.

It's a pretty small theater, so extra attraction-like feeling stands out.

It's like this if it is from around "G-7" near the center.

This time it was quite the rightmost seat near "I12", but with the feeling of looking down at the screen, there is no problem at all in viewing angle.

Because there is an on / off button of water injection on the right hand part, people with glasses should be able to sell considerably. As expected the screen becomes invisible when the eyeglasses are scattered.

On the upper side, blowers and lights are hanging out at the drunk, and they are praising one kind of impressive force.

There is such a mechanism also in the back seat of the front.

The footrest part that puts feet also looks like this, it's a perfect attraction.

So, in fact 4DX "Star Wars / Force's AwakensAlthough I experienced the trailer, it is a feeling that it is quiet, "It is a bit of a look at this movement in the first time ...". As the Falcon moves, as the seats fly together, as if it flew together, aside from placing the lightsaber downwards, the wind blows to the face as if it were understood by goggogogo, roaring sound and movement as it shot down It is pretty painful to come.

So, the first time you normally watch it with IMAX 3D etc, and if you go with a feeling like "Junja a little bit change your taste!" No problem at all after the second time. Or, because it runs over, it works, and conversely, if it is a principle that "a movie theater is a place to go to experience the things you can not taste at home", it should be challenging from the beginning. The feeling that the seat moves like a goddogogogo and earthling as well as an explosion is quite nice.

That's why IMAX Next Generation Laser of the Future is Finally Next.

The inclination of the seat is like this, it is impossible to say that the head of the person in the front seat is on the screen.

And the enormity of this screen.

The height is over 18 meters, the width is over 26 meters.

To see it from around M - 20.

It is almost like this

Shooting from the back further back

Wow, deck, wide

The stairs are quite abrupt

Two rows in the vicinity of the center are "executive seats", using Mots Espoa fabric of soft texture with a thick texture.

There is also a reclining function, it is possible to see with an easy posture that does not apply weight only to the buttocks, together with support of the waist part. Therefore, even in such a case as "I hurt my buttocks when it's over 2 hours!", So I'm happy,Special rateThere is a reasonable value.

The first screening session was held from Wednesday, 18 November (Wednesday), "The Walk"I have been experienced with 3D IMAX Next Generation Laser.

As a story, the story is to draw a wire between the twin towers of the world trade center, which is the world's tallest building at the time in construction in 1974, and draws the legendary man Philippe Petit's challenge without a lifeline . There is only a true story, it is hard for me to suffer difficulty from the next one, of course it is illegal to do such a thing. Nevertheless still collecting the companions who become accomplices, using the only cards that can hold, planning the plan, and executing with obsession to make me feel mad. It seems as if it was made to end the ability of 3D IMAX already. By looking at the following trailer, if it seems to be "Ooo!" It is the perfection degree to go to see, Tamayuu sure.

The true story of a man walking between the World Trade Center "The Walk" Trailer for IMAX - GIGAZINE

Movie 'The Walk' special video released on Saturday, January 23, 2016 - YouTube

In fact, the biggest feature I have seen with Japan's first IMAX next-generation laser is the clearness of the image, which is usually in my roomDELL U 3014It is a Blu - ray movie appreciation, but it is comparable to that level. "Colle is amazing, it's worth seeing." The view is filled with just the right condition. The 12.1 channel Next Generation Sound System sounds just fine and sounds like a huge sound, but my ears do not hurt, but I can feel the power only, it is really excellant. Rain sounds coming out in the main part of the movie, sounds hitting the nails, flow of the river, sound of the wires, distinctive wind blowing on the roof, realistic sensation of such things combined with the picture overwhelmingly.

Speakers are arranged like this

Especially the climax "Scenes that walk around between twin towers" is too dangerous, there are many scenes that feel like "Oh, it's worth seeing in 3D".

It's not a 3D that jumps out in front, but it's in a tremendously high place! dangerous! In the 3D feeling, and as it develops like rampant, screening time that is two hours passes quickly. It is a level of completion which is enough to understand the competence of director Robert Zemeckis, which can be recommended to someone for a long time.

It is not erotic, there is not an explosion or bloody stuff, and in that sense it should be for all ages, but a sense of tension that is not extraordinary and a death such as "Oh, it might be useless, may be a bad, may not work" It is a level full of flags, so it gets sweaty in hands as it keeps pushing forward. Even though I know "This is a movie", I heard that the sweat is unpleasant or hot, the consciousness and the body are separated, the tension keeps rising in various directions. The main characters' jumping skill is also exactly crazy, "If that's about this personality you would not do such a thing," he said.

Because all the characters appearing are somewhere in the head screws two or three screws are missing, it seems like "If you do such a thing, how about this" and "What if you trouble others?" I left it all in the scene of the beginning! It is a development just to say. Moreover, there is a foreshadow that can be regarded as "grinning" there somewhat, so in the end you feel a strange sense of accomplishment and some loneliness, and you can only see the endrol stunned while drowning in the lingering finish.

So, "Star Wars / Awakening of the Force" has been confirmed to be appreciated at this theater 11. Ai is right for the movie.

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