What is "Terminator 4" 4 minutes of the latest HD movie release of premium movie quality

In Japan, it is a nationwide road show from Saturday, June 13, and the preliminary screening has been decided on June 6 (Saturday) and June 7 (Sunday)Terminator 4Although it is scheduled to be released from May 21 in the United States and so on, a preliminary announcement movie of super-long version of HD quality which will probably be the final trailer has been released on the net.

This story is set in 2018 after the nuclear war on the referee's day and John Conner who is a soldier of a resistant army leading platoon still meets a mysterious man named Marcus Wright whose whole body was mechanized It is something that draws a fierce battle with Skynet that is about to set up a total attack against humanity at last. This Terminator 4 became the first work of the new trilogy, already "Terminator 5The shooting of "is starting, you can see the confidence.

Playback is from the following.
Terminator Salvation Extended Trailer - Trailer Addict(Flash version that enhances image quality by clicking the button written "HD +")

Apple - Movie Trailers - Terminator Salvation - 4 Minute Clip(QuickTime format version, resolution up to 1080p available)

By the way, Christian Bale who plays the leading role John Conner plans to appear properly in the remainder of the future new trilogy.

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