Sandra Bullock has touched solitude and played the leading role Movie "Zero Gravity" to Japan Press Conference Report

The tense tense drama that is unfolded at an altitude of 600,000 meters and the release of the movie "Zero Gravity", which depicts desperately struggling human figures, approached December 13th. In the nation, it has been published as soon as No.1, and box office revenue exceeded 600 million dollars (about 60 billion yen). Mr. Sandra Block, who played the leading role of Dr. Ryan Stone on December 14th, director Alfonso Cualon, producer David Hayman visited Japan and held a press conference.

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Producer David Hayman from the left, Sandra Block starring starring Alfonso Cualon.

David Hayman (Hayman):
It is David Hayman who was in charge of making the movie "Zero Gravity". I was in charge of co-producer with Alfonso · Cureon director. Japan is one of my favorite countries and I am delighted to have this movie and return for the first time in several years. I have traveled a long way with "zero gravity", but this is the last place at last. I think that this work which is hitting all over the world has become a work that is impressed by all the Japanese audience sharing thoughts.

Alfonso · Cureon (Director):
It is wonderful to be in this place itself. I just want to say "Thank you".

Sandra · Block (hereinafter referred to as Sandra):
Everyone told me to say something. A long journey with "Zero Gravity", I think that I came to Japan at the end and it was a wonderful final chapter. I am proud that I love "zero gravity". I am glad that I came to Japan with this and I have a strong feeling for the work, so I think that a message will be conveyed to everyone in Japan. In the work, the figure of a human being who is patiently confronting difficulty is depicted beautifully, and the story can be bragged. I really hope you enjoy it.

Fuji TV Endo:
I have a question for Sandra Block. In the process, the main character was fighting solitary for 90 minutes, how was Sandra himself during shooting? Also, there are voices saying that the Academy's leading actress award is again in this work, but what is your thought in the work?

When asked if it was lonely, it is "yes". It was being met by those crazy people sitting next to me (laugh) But it was perfect for taking this movie and it was also an ideal situation. Since the mad scientists such as these two created a special device, they were hanging, connected to a rope, put in a box, and shot as if they were in outer space I was able to do it. Although I was lonely, I think that I could do just that.

I think I do not have an Academy Award, but ... well, I could do something in my lifetime that I could not express in words very much. The work was created by Hayman producer 's decision to "make" a story that was not in the head of Cureon director. As a result, it was very beautiful. Even just being given this opportunity, I feel like I got an award.

I saw it with IMAX and 3D, but both were wonderful. The work falls into the state of Development Hell (Production Hell = Planning will not go on forever), and Hayman Producer will be the first work after the "Harry Potter" series, but what is the reason for sticking to that work so much I wonder why so much can be attracted to this movie. A random simulator is also used, but if there is a story about that.

The reason why I was involved in the work was because the screenwriter was sent from Cureon director, so I stuck "because it is cureon". I think that Cureon is the best director of the age and the movie is the director's media. As a producer, I believe that the best can be made by combining it with the best director. The sentence that was sent was pretty close to the finished movie, and although cast Sandra and George had not been there yet, what I wanted to make was a very clear script, thrilling, thrilling . I felt a privileged thing "I can make this work with a talented coach"

directed by:
The simulation calculated probably how things move in outer space, not in accordance with the physical law in part, in order to have the experience of zero gravity perceived. For example, how is debris blown out by explosion and how it scatters, how does the lifeline worn by the astronauts move under weightlessness?

Sandra was taking a pose like a fetus in the spaceship, is that some metaphor?

directed by:
In this work, technology was used to draw an emotional journey of the hero. For us, the important thing is to make the "journey" a real imminent figure. Even if you perform wonderful performances, CG etc. will not pull out and you will pull the feet of acting. Therefore, I put it in my hands. As a cinematic language, Dr. Ryan's emotional journey is clear, and visual metaphors are scattered around there. Please think that the metaphor compliments her traveling and complements each other and supports it. All metaphors are used to show adversity and misfortune, the theme of the work, and the possibility of how to play from there. In this case, we discussed with Sandra and others how to make the journey clear, whether it can be conveyed through the visual metaphor, or reduce the number of serifs. The metaphors are beautiful, but the elements that require other elements also come out. I talked closely to how to balance it.

Nikkei Woman Online Shimizu:
It was an amazing movie drawn in outer space, but the hero was impressed by the appearance of survival in the universe while having a painful experience in the past. How did Mr. Sandra feel the appearance of the hero?

Actually, just thinking of having a past like Ryan does not feel very good. But, there are many people who have such tragedies, so I think that the depth comes out because of the inside of the character. I thought that it would be more interesting to describe such a person as a story as to whether this man could live and live while losing the worth living thought that it was all of himself, holding a feeling of loss. However, when the shooting is over, I will remove the head "Ryan" and return to Sandra's head. I feel that I am fortunate to play with my son. A beautiful story involves a sense of loss and tragedy, and a figure fighting hard attracts people. I think that the work of an actor is strange. I also feel bad during shooting. But this thing produced effects like therapy and had the effect of solving problems inside of me.

directed by:
Ryan's back story is an idea Sandra issued and it was added later.

Movie personality Nishida (?):
Sandra's dress is beautiful and overwhelmed, but in the work I am wearing space suit. How was your impression of wearing? Also, as a picture, it became a restricted state that tells fear only with eyes and serifs, but did you have a challenge as an actor?

This costume was made by Director Cualon, I came to Japan and I have not slept yet, so I chose red so that everyone should pay attention to my dress instead of my face. (Venue lol)

directed by:
Next time, let us turn red too.

The space suit was very uncomfortable and could not move, it was close to the real thing. When I was given a costume to wear in space suit, I thought "This is serious? It is not underwear? Do you prefer long sleeves and longs?" But I am grateful for that costume now .

Russian space suit and American space suit come out in the work, but both are elaborately well done, and the helmet will fit perfectly as well. Because it is handmade and hand-stitched, it is enough to say arts. ...... But I can not move. For example, if you are a comedy, you move your body and change its expression, and you will perform with whole body muscles anyway, but that can not be done at all. If you can not move in the machine, frustration will accumulate. Acting only with eyes is a situation where you can not rely on anything else, it is something you can not do unless you feel everything in the surroundings.

When shedding tears, I do not want to use eye drops, so I feel tired of feeling what pain and suffering is like, and when I heard that "I took it now!", I asked Cullon director "Sandy, please once again" Saying frustration sometimes gets told (laugh)

But directors and producers have been challenging for a long journey so far before the work came out. Because I was only waiting for technology to catch up, I felt it as eternity, but it is not a big deal compared to the two ones.

directed by:
But we have not been caught (laugh)

Nippon Television "ZIP!" Nakamura:
To Sandra. I have been to Japan many times, but have you ever been surprised about Japan? Also, Hollywood stars are planning to go to space, are there plans to go? What do you want to do when you go?

Anyway I want to go home safely (venue haha)

I am surprised even by myself knowing that he is the fifth visit to Japan. My brother-in-law was Japanese, I thought that I would like to come and bring him with my family, but that did not come true. I am impressed with Japanese culture, because everyone is kind and polite. For such a news conference there are usually things like thrown into a group of wolves, because everyone is kind and respectful in Japan. ...... If you go out of here a lot, you may actually be an evil person, but I do not know that (lol) I want to go around seeing history, culture, town, but I can not go because I am at work. But I am honored to be able to come this way at work.

BOOKSTAND Movie Dept.! :
It was a long time friend with George Clooney, this time was the first co-star, how was it?

It is already the worst! (Laugh) You'd better tell the truth at such times. A "good person" is all a lie, it is mean I am late and I am lying to be late ...... To say something like this, only the lie portion walks alone, and later calls from Clooney "What are you saying !?"

It is as charming and brilliant as George Clooney, and no one is working 24 hours a day, 365 days. I have never seen a person taking a rest, I am directing, writing a screenplay, producing a work, acting ... and moreover, he always tried to help us in making a work, so Even if it comes down to my turn, or it is supposed to be cut, I will work with the feeling that "I do not mind if I need it for movies". I do not want to arrange such words all the time (laugh), everyone thinks "George Clooney is a good person", it is a wonderful person than that image.

At the end of the Q & A session, we ended up with the topic of George Clooney, another cast not in this place. Then a photo session was held.

At first, we had three people together, but Hayman and the director laughing somewhat ......

Sandra Block also has this look.

And Mr. Hayman and the director are sent off. Sandra's action saying "Is it me alone?"

Of course, he seemed to be a professional actress, and he came up with a photo session exactly.

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