Battle movie that made cardboard weapons powerful with video processing and sound effects

While using the guns and tanks made in cardboard, we will introduce the movies that have succeeded in producing a large force that makes you feel cheap by image processing and sound effects. Looking at only the photograph, it seems to be just gokko play, but in the movie the expressions of the fire and the explosion of the hand grenade from the muzzle at the time of firing are exquisitely woven into, and the real atmosphere is being caught.

Details are as below.
People who check cardboard guns in cars.
YouTube - Cardboard Warfare

Although I feel that I do not feel so afraid, ...

Realistic atmosphere comes out by flames from the muzzle, launch sounds and sound effects, and expressions of reactions at launch by actors.

Just a corrugated cardboard handgun is a powerful weapon. Nitrogen smoke and the discharged cartridge are also drawn.

The damage expression of the car which received the bullet is also good.

I have a grenade launcher but I can only see it as having a toy in a picture.

However, the impression is added by the expression at the time of landing.

Gatling guns and tanks also appeared.

In the end, a big explosion with cardboard grenades.

Making movies showing the state at the time of production are also made public. It seems that the tanks carried cardboard over cars and carried them.
YouTube - BTS Cardboard Warfare

Transported by human force at the shooting site.

The scene which jumps out of the car has been retried many times.

Lastly, the producerClinton JonesMr. Shime.

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