The antenna problem of "iPhone 4" develops into a class action and the other companies ridicule

The liquid crystal display of some models is discoloredIn addition to the problem of, depending on the design of the antennaIf receiving with the left hand the reception sensitivity of radio waves will deteriorateAlthough Apple's iPhone 4 has been posted, the antenna problem has finally evolved into a class action litigation.

Details are as below.
Apple Is Sued Over New IPhone Reception by Consumers - BusinessWeek

According to BusinessWeek magazine report, users in New Jersey and Massachusetts state to AT & T selling Apple and iPhone 4 have made a class action lawsuit on behalf of users in federal court in San Francisco.

According to the design of the antenna adopted by the iPhone 4, the sensitivity of radio waves drops when the user holds it with the left hand so as to cover the lower left part of the main body, and the plaintiff living in Cambridge, Massachusetts Christopher Dydyk condemns Apple as hiding and selling the defective iPhone 4 and deceiving many users.

As a solution to the antenna problem, Apple recommends users to use a rubber case "Bumper (bumper)" for iPhone 4 for $ 29 (about 2500 yen), but Dydyk calls "Bumper" on iPhone 4 To the users who pre-ordered, or the court seeks that Apple will pay the user "Bumper" for the user.

Similar lawsuits have also been filed in Maryland, Kevin McCaffrey and Linda Wrinn allege that they tried a jury trial against Apple and AT & T against Apple and AT & T as "selling the fact that they did not work properly" It is.

Apple's iPhone 4: Thoroughly Reviewed - AnandTech :: Your Source for Hardware Analysis and News

Antenna structure released at "iPhone 4" announcement. Bluetooth, wireless LAN, GPS antenna are arranged on the left side of the main body, antenna for 3G communication is arranged around the main body around the right side, lower side, upper part, but when touching the gap between the two antennas at the lower left part It is said that the sensitivity drops.

IPhone 4 when wearing Bumper (pink). Certainly there is no worry of touching the antenna part with this.

Motorola advert revels in anti-iPhone schadenfreude? The Register

For the antenna problem of iPhone 4, it was announced in a form to hit the release date of iPhone 4Motorola's high-end Android smart phone "DROID X"Advertisement "Because DROID X employs a double antenna, you can enjoy a comfortable call even if you have it as you likeIt is a result that is ridiculed from other companies, such as the sentence of "is posted.

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