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Online RPG Lineage 2Celebrating its sixth anniversary this year,Everyone gifts from June 25 (Fri), original goods "Fox face" born from user's ideaI understood that.

It is possible to give it to any character and it is a fancy specification such as covering the face at the time of battle, so it may be good for people playing games to equip them for testing.

So, tomorrowJune 17. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on June 17th one year ago.

Photo album "Alice in WaterLand" that tossed a little girl into the water and imaged alice in Wonderland - GIGAZINE

A girl who tried to put three stars on his face with a tattoo, somehow can put as many as 56 stars - GIGAZINE

"Livestock Com." That will judge how much you are mangling - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Soccer = Loud volume Vuvuzela, explosive sales at "complaint effect" | Sports | Reuters(Secondary effect that the sale of earplugs rapidly increases due to sports and noise measures)

World Cup certified wine and South African beer limited offer - African restaurants in Kagurazaka - Ichigaya economic newspaper(Cooking using food, crocodiles, ostriches, etc.)

Sumo Association dissolution, Ministry of Education Furious - Grand Sumo News: nikkansports.com(There is a possibility that it will not be approved as sports, public benefit corporation)

Medium 3, Advertising Revenue for Blogging or YouTube Illegal Post - MSN Sankei News(Net,Junior high school student who shot "Weekly Shonen Jump" before release and released it on YouTubeThe purpose was to see your blog and get advertisement income)

Taisei Construction Appeal ... Shibuya hot spring facilities explosion accident: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(An accident, allegation that the construction company failed to explain drainage of the exhaust pipe concerning the explosion accident of Shiespa occurred in Shibuya in 2007)

Fireman of arrest with transfer fraud, dismissal Ibaraki - MSN Sankei News(Case suspected of deceiving bank accounts and cash cards for the purpose of resale)

Female students "HIV infected you" Suspicious phone Hita Nishi call for attention / Nishinippon Shimbun(From a man claiming a person related to a fictitious blood test organization, "If you do not have medical expenses, you can make a relationship, please do not speak to your parents, please come alone") Phone)

Current affairs dot com: "A bad mouth of a friend" = trouble with the opening and closing of the curtain - girl student of arrest · classmate stabbing(Incidents, statements of classmates who do not seem to lead to stabbing with a knife are posted)

Konnyaku jelly "Regulation difficult" ... Consumer Agency: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, some standards are required to regulate, but the standards are not clear)

"Dragon Quilt" launched a soft drink "Lombro slime" collaborated with the latest work - Tokyo Walker(Food, a drunk drink that imaged slime of Dragon Quest)

SOFTBANK MOBILE launches "Shipboard Mobile Phone" that Mobile Phones Can Use for Overseas Vessels - CNET Japan(Mobile, it may be useful in long-term cruises)

Tokyo Newspaper: 120 grains back to the universe Location unknown: Chiba (TOKYO Web)(Science, one of the two divided bags is lost)

What happens "Hayabusa 2" budget sorting orbit correction - ITmedia News(Voices questioning performance-oriented attitude towards politics and science and technology in general)

Sky tree, looking directly above ...: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, the way people see it from directly above has changed a lot and it is pretty impressive)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Design of the Hokuriku Shinkansen "Joetsu Station", 4 cities presented by the city - Train - Travel(Railroad, suggesting design that Joetsu appears like Joetsu)

Ponyo 鞆 の 浦 の 観 光, 70% increase in calculation mistake ... Actually 10%: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(It seemed that sightseeing demand rose because society, being said to be the stage of "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea", it was a mere calculation error)

"Eva: Breaking" BD is the leader of Oricon for three consecutive weeks. Total 41.1 thousand sheets - AV Watch(Anime, Blu-ray which is about 3 times as much as second place even in the third week)

Truth and falsehood of "time not to sell": Nikkei Business Online(Business, former chairman of Kao criticizes bargain selling principle)

Yahoo! Masahiro Inoue interview "We will attack this year with partnerships and acquisitions that allow for delay in decision!" | Weekly Diamond Corporate Feature | Diamond Online(Internet service, elements as shopping became stronger than auction)

"W3C Markup Validator 1.0" release Check markup such as HTML and XHTML: CodeZine(Net service, with version number 0.6 in 2002, reached version 1.0 over 8 years)

Pentax "645 D", real life image of digital single lens with 40 million pixel CCD - digital - Nikkei Trendy Net(Camera, "Since all the enlarged images posted this time are original data, I'd like you to take a closer look at the power of the 645D")

Netbook share shrinks with the rise of tablets such as "iPad" - US survey - CNET Japan(Hardware, Apple states that "the first quarter of 2010 may be the beginning of the netbook's end")

Win32 API that will last forever - Reporter's eye: ITpro(IT, the legacy environment may be the source of the share of the platform and it is difficult to cut off)

4Gamer.net - Where does performance increase with two 30,000 yen cards? "GeForce GTX 465" SLI operation verification (GeForce GTX 400)(IT and SLI using two cards are advantageous for processing with high resolution and high load)

Mozilla previews the next-generation rendering engine "Gecko 1.9.3" for developers - News: ITpro(Software, such as the function to speed up the rendering of Web pages with complex structure etc.)

News - Ancient World - Early human beings were hunting lions? (Full article) - National Geographic official Japanese site(Science, the early human race inspected the lion himself and found the possibility that it was first attached to its internal organs)

Cao's corpse, excavated excavated(History, though skull which is thought to belong to Cao Cao was excavated but the front and the back of the head were removed, but the front was gouged away)

Showa was born wwwww Do you use public phones wearing wwww Buru speed - VIP(Note, specification that the fishing does not come out even if it is not used up when putting 100 yen coin)

Trend guide: 3D movie 'Men In Black' third work, production preparation steadily progressing Hollywood channel where movies become more interesting(Movie, starring will not change as Will Smith plays Tommy Lee Jones)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): White House "900 million yen" Real estate company mistakenly for sale - International(International, due to defects in the software that manages the site)

【Shanghai World Expo】 Cute! Cheers for "Gal-based People's Clothing" - MSN Sankei News(A note, a level not known with people's clothing unless there is a hat)

Real Live - Talent who wants to sleep together in a sleepy night ...(Entertainment, this questionnaire on this line is none the same as popularity survey)

Karaoke ranking announcement ... 1st place popular unit that song (entertainment) - sponach Sponichi Annex news(It may be that songs sung in karaoke are hardened, that music, it is a simple content that can be expected easily)

AO entrance examination of the prefectural university, abolished in FY 12 "Can not secure diversified human resources": Kyoto Shimbun(Movement to reduce / abolish AO recruitment frame has been expanding due to education, "Academic examinations can not be adequately done" etc.)

Painful news (No ∀ `): Increasing number of women aiming for" undergraduate marriage "with less income" downgraded Kun "- Livedoor blog(Although love, changing hands and changing items, coined words of this hand is not advanced from the bubble period of ideas)

Letter sent to "bottle with stationery" (Excite Bit connector) - Excite News(Memo, there are products that can send a letter containing a bottle like coming out in the world of fiction)

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