Headline news on July 2, 2010

Desert dedicated to cream sold by Circle K Sunkus "Angel SeriesNewly "(PDF)Sheriel Dolce angel's creamy rare cheese shoe"Will be added and it will be released from July 8th (Thursday) at 150 yen including tax.

"Angel series" cream seems to be adding concentrated milk by blending whipped cream with whipped cream from Hokkaido jointly developed with a dessert vendor and several dairy makers. The cream of "Angel Series" had been on sale until June 30 Angel 's creamy shoe' selling about 1.5 million pieces in 2 months. As for the newly released rare cheese shoe, it is like this successor, but what kind of taste is it?

So next MondayJuly 5. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on July 5th one year ago.

Nine stations in the world that you do not want to use if possible for reasons such as devastation, inconvenience, crowding etc. - GIGAZINE

Photo art capturing personal computer parts as a huge urban space - GIGAZINE

A dog that smiles when you get potato chips - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

T Producer "Radio boy was Jarase, monkey rock was also ordinarily using airplane": Alfalfa mosaic(Although it was being troubled by television, then weekly magazine, but now it is ballet quickly on the net)

"Sake breweries" Where is it many? The mystery of 'nationwide brewery map': Nihon Keizai Shimbun(Liquor, liquor professionals are more so as to move away from Kinki and Chubu)

IPS cell production from 1 drop of blood world fastest 25 days, Keio University - 47 NEWS(Medical, it took 60 to 70 days in the past)

Three pair of "fire extinguisher buy" three small couple to small six boys Tokyo / Kurume - MSN Sankei news(It is kind of a case, a cuttlefish, but ...)

Niigata Airport, the Shinkansen Exit Review Access Conference Review Meeting | The Nihon Keizai Shimbun(Improve access by establishing a station at the railway and vehicle base and operating the shuttle bus)

'Religious intervention' Buddhist troubled Aeon's funeral service is 'on offer' (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(Religion, rebellion that it is religious intervention that set a standard for the amount of money on offer called "feeling")

Internet cafe ordinance enforcement Customers returning without identity cards also - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)(What will happen to society, net cafe refugees without identification card)

Senior officers of gangsters dressingly at the hairstyle, 30 years' wearing accompanying: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, executives of gangsters were present at the hairdressing ceremony of popular wrestlers performed 5-6 years ago)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "The wrestlers are amazing how to bet" - The darkness of the horny world (upper) - Society(The case, the technique is clever and clever and it takes time and effort)

CNN.co.jp: Honey Bee's Decrease Mobile Phone Affects?(There is a possibility that the blue photoreceptor that is the source of the direction of the organism and the honey bee is affected by the radiation of the mobile phone and the base station)

NICT "fVisiOn" in which stereoscopic images emerge on top of nothing table - ITmedia News(96 small projectors are arranged in a circle so that light strikes a special optical element under the science, translucent table)

Free software that allows viewing PSD, EPS, AI files, and exporting to another format | Collis(Application, write to another format is also possible)

High-end rice cooker of 147,000 yen SANYO "Crafted pure copper dance cook" new model - ITmedia News(Home electric appliances, thermal power reduced by 1.3 times compared with the past due to reduced pressure reduction time)

Current affairs dot com: Akutagawa · Naoki Award candidate decision decided = Iranian Nazamafi 2nd time(Publication, Okata Direction "Akira Tenchi" who won the book store grand prize is a candidate for Naoki prize)

Waranote: Gal character evolved too much Warota wwwwwwwwwww(Stories, no longer reached the domain of cryptography)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Specialized position for marriage support "Konchi section manager" Great recruitment Saga · Takeo City - Politics(The work, the basic salary is 82,200 yen per month, 30,000 yen will be added each time a marriage is established)

Tomino Yoshiyuki: Appears in the drama "The Longest Summer in Japan" Acting Army General who plays the end of war - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)(TV, Toshiya Egawa of Manga director and Yoshiyuki Tomino supervisor appeared in the drama)

What is the original purpose of bonus payment? - tell me! Watcher(Memo, the Japanese bonus was more meaningful than Kimono 's kimono fee and Oshiki rather than a reward for success)

New "Spiderman" decision! 26-year-old British actor Andrew Garfield: Movie News - Movie. Com(Although it was said that Jamie Bell acting as a British child actor famous for the movie "Billy Elliot" was powerful)

Can sell and use jewel-studded vuvuzela at 1.9 million yen | Global speech | Reuters(Overseas, purchasers of Russians will present as gifts to business partners in South Africa)

World's largest mummy exhibition, Los Angeles Photo 14 images International News: AFPBB News(150 mummies will be exhibited for the first time from archeology, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Egypt)

I am also sucking ... Utsunomiya Tosatsu has five parents who are silent smoking tomorrow documentation | Shimonoseki "SOON"(Society, grandmother who did not refuse to ask Taspo for 16 years old grandson repeatedly)

Curry-flavored eating light oil "Rakery" - Sapporo soup curry specialty store commercialized - Sapporo Keizai Shimbun(Although I can not deny the feeling of getting on the rice oil boom, it looks delicious unexpectedly)

Why do you want? Listen to working girls "Reason why smartphones are attractive" ranking | escala cafe | Everyone, what do you think? Women's ranking in their twenties(Mobile, Internet surfing ease and apps seem to be attractive, but you can boast "voice" such as "Good image")

The influence of Chinese economic growth on Japanese hairstyle (Excite Bit Connector) - Excite News(Note, if the number of people who sell hair in China decreases it becomes difficult to obtain hair styling hair wig for practicing hairdresser in Japan)

Innocent innocent criminal charges against women for false accusations - Hokkaido Shimbun [Hokaido](A man who was arrested for trying to kiss a woman at a woman's house visited for repairing an electric water heater, society)

Shida Mirai: Mr. Toshio Suzuki "As selfish is good" appointed "Voice actor first challenge with" Borrower Arrietty "- MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)(Animation, Director Rice Forest "I am impressed with the very good person because I became a witnessing artist in the field")

Special project: Compare waterproof / shock resistant digital camera (2010 version) - digital camera Watch(Camera, withstanding pressure and shock resistance are also important, but basic specifications as a camera are important before that)

Leica donates 0.5 euro per follower on Twitter - digital camera Watch(Camera, the number of followers at 12 o'clock on the 1st of July is 6776 and it is about 370 thousand yen)

Conversion from Web site to Web application: Part 1 Difference between Web site and Web application(A method of judging based on information on whether to build the Internet, a Web application or a website should be constructed)

XML Thinking: Analyzing the system using the XML pattern tool(How to optimize systems by making use of scripts, XPath and XSLT patterns more widely, to analyze systems)

Salary is down with IT: found by census results | WIRED VISION(Society, the price of work done by human beings has been lowered due to IT conversion)

Next time four men launch new brands Ichizawa Hanafui in the inheritance contest: Kyoto Shimbun(Siblings over the inheritance of society and brands each set up a new company and are in a state of muddy)

Signs of a girl waiting for "I want to be confessed" 9 patterns | Sgororen(Romance, the more you readVery complicated preconditionsI feel something that seems to be)

"Man's daughter symbolizes freedom" "Female Idol" talks about "Man's Girl" (1/2) - ITmedia News(It seems that it turned out to be manly by doing a memorial, a dress)

【I can not sell in this! 】 The band reunion for money is not ashamed at all. LUNA SEA · Lunacy - Real Live(Not only entertainment, LUNA SEA, there are an increasing number of bands and groups to reunite for fans of the past as well as for young fans)

What is "Moe" "WEATHER GIRLS" that Illustrated beautiful girls and observational instruments? - Tokyo Walker(Book, it is easy to understand even novice beginner's book on meteorology)

AKB 48 USA landing: East sports WEB - Tokyo sports newspaper(Entertainment seems to have been about the same local media as Japanese media)

Remember that TV shows are retweeted and flames up: Nikkei Business Online(It well expresses the discomfort embraced by entertainment, entertainers' coming program)

Tohan: Started e-book interrogation service within the year - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Distribution, conversion to the format of each company close to 100 companies such as Amazon and Apple to manage collections and copyright management etc)

Togetter - Conclusion "People who can not drink should explain why they can not drink properly, because they are members of society, not students."(Life, a drinking party is for those who like to drink alcohol simply but it is not necessary for people who can not do it in the first place, there is no need to go, but the climate that is not so is a problem)

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