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Wacoal handling a wide range of functional underwear is brand name for mass merchandisers of men's innerwear "BROS (Bros)"And brands for department stores"DAMS (Dams)"New taste Steco "Room TecoIt will be released from late March. The target layer around 30 to 40 years old who have not had experience wearing steco, using polyester rather than cotton, he said that he adopted materials and designs different from the conventional image.

The version sold in DAMS is a check pattern and illustration pattern of a car, there are variations on the knee top and knee down length and the price is 3465 yen to 3990 yen. The version sold in BROS is Glen check pattern and border pattern, it is 2940 yen only for the lower knee length. People who would like to wear Steffo once as a result of being born as a Japanese, please try by all means.

So, tomorrowMarch 18. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on March 18th one year ago.

Five of the world's biggest fetish - GIGAZINE

IQ (Intelligence Index) 176 Genius Boys Appear - GIGAZINE

I got "Sunday magazine first issue reprint edition" and compared it carefully - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.

"Online shopping is" Rusted sword ". One step before beginning mail order | Web personnel Forum(A comment that the era of profit merely by opening a shop in a shopping mall on the Internet, Internet has gone away)

Mikiti and others arrest former contract employee of Horipro ID leakage blog - MSN Sankei News(Internet, cyber agent employee misused mailer mistakenly)

Features of 'News I'd like to tell others': Research result | WIRED VISION(Internet, there are more news on positive topics than negative themes, even longer and more complicated articles are preferred)

Service that can create site mockup on the browser at speed of light "Lumzy": phpspot development diary(If you have net service, communication line and netbook, you can make a website layout while talking with customers)

Google Japan Blog: Let's start with Google App Engine(Although you have experienced programs, web application development using Java, but AppEngine is for the first time)

User-participated Japanese input system "Social IME" opensource - SourceForge.JP Magazine(Dictionary precision was proved in software, releases of Kanji conversion software such as Google and Baidu, and it gave me a chance to decide open source)

"The number of makers ranges from 30 companies to 50 companies, revenues are over 27 billion yen" - Actual status of fake software - News: ITpro(Software, software that states that it has "security measures and other functions" despite having no major function on one big market)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Sex depiction of cartoons, City regulatory proposal Conclusion Postponed direction - Society(Continue deliberation without giving a conclusion concerning the revised regulation of the youth health development regulations)

Nara's starvation incident in the cause of deceased boy, love blocking syndrome or short stature - MSN Sankei news(The case, the boy who died was a stature between 2 and 2 years old, despite being 5 years old)

Mail illegal transfer: AKB 48 Check with damage confirmation letter - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Society, due to insufficient confirmation of identity, there was a fear that abolition of move notification has been abused until now)

Do YouTube's "Do not Embed" Reduce PV? - Slashdot Japan(Several times the number of playback compared to the official movie of music, the record company prohibiting embedding)

Price .com - "Headphone / earphone" market showing booming with popularization of portable audio players such as "iPod" market. Price range around 4 thousand - 5 thousand yen is selling but high value added products also maintain a certain popularity - trend news(AV, portable audio items rise sharply and increase PV)

Capital high: effectively raising price within a year distance fee - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Traffic, Capital High and Hanshin Express plan to introduce distances by distance within the year)

"Full-body perspective" inspection at US airport, 600 complaints in the past year | spillover of the world | Reuters(Overseas, worrying about being able to see genitals to inspectors and concerning the use against children)

Current affairs dot com: Renminbi remedies Anti-dumping tax = vs. medium-strength campaign to legislation - US Senate(Overseas, trade friction between the US and China is remarkable)

Impact of child allowance on households, annual salary benefits in many strata Daiwa Institute estimates(Society, low-income families benefit from child allowance because child allowance is abolished)

For the first time more than 70% of corporations make a deficit in the National Tax Agency, the survey in FY 2008 - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(Business, deficit number since 1951 survey started)

Image Bad? I want to change the way of calling "bad debts" ... Kamei Finance Minister - MSN Sankei News(We are hoping for a direction to clearly show that it is a receivable subject to business or rebuilding)

"Business hunting" increases due to recession! Employment and qualification exams Amulet also popular - Tokyo Walker(Does not God of scholars also benefit from employment exams and qualification exams?)

Suicide: half do not obey prescription drug abuse instructions - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Social, medicine needs to be managed by family)

"Sleep class" at school in Scotland, healthy sleep guidance | speech of the world | Reuters(Education, a lesson that instructs the importance of sleeping rather than 'nap time' as in kindergarten)

Do men under stress change preference of women? - Slashdot Japan(Men under health and stress conditions had a tendency to choose women with characteristics opposite to theirs)

IBM Research results bringing sustainable new plastics - Japan(Presentation of research results leading to a new kind of plastic development that has science, biodegradability and biocompatibility in Macromolecules magazine)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Insertion of Japanese whale dish for domestic extermination Issue in English - Science(Nature, made in Japan brought to the UKItadoriBecause it is raging, it is a natural enemy of Ita doriItadori Madara phellillaI am trying to do something)

[MIX 10] Windows Phone can develop applications utilizing GPS and accelerometer - News: ITpro(Mobile, whether it can compete with leading Apple and Google camps)

Mobile fee re-entry for not losing - mobile phone Watch(Comparison of charges when two mobile carriers are owned by mobile and docomo)

Fandango develops a paperless service that makes a ticket matrix in a movie theater unnecessary(Movie, overseas service which substitutes QR code sent as a ticket)

Fox releases "Avatar" Blu-ray on April 23 - AV Watch(Movie, 3D video is not recorded yet and the release is undecided)

Honchon ranking in 20's: [Men's] Favorite dragon ball villain character ranking [COBS ONLINE / Cobbs online](Anime, "Laughing like despising was disgustingly cool but it was cool", First place by Mr. Freeza)

【Comike will come to Mito】 (middle) Moe products, also developed long-established - MSN Sankei News(Event, it is scheduled to be held on March 21 and 22, but you can not read the sale at all)

Up to 100 million yen ever! S-1 battle winner prediction, 1st place is Noda Takeshi - Expected to have a lot of possession stories News - Internet securities · car insurance Oricon ranking(Comedy, Softbank Mobile 's comedy video contest annual championship decision game held on 19th)

I'm manager of the Pachi store but have any questions? Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www(It seems that it is easy to carry back work, heavy balls and back pain)

@nifty: Daily portal Z: Kill the cactus at the Izu cactus park(Theme park where you can eat a variety of cactus dishes)

Crispy · cream · donuts opened in Nagoya Takashimaya - more than 1,000 rows in queue - the station Economic Newspaper(Food, the first store in the Tokai area opened up to people rushing)

I tried hot cake seeds in a rice cooker: ぁ ゃ ι ぃ (* ゜ ー °) NEWS 2nd(Food, you can easily make easy hot cake from the beginning)

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