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ORIMOThe "(PDF) Survey on television brandsAccording to the report, although the ownership rate of 3D TV is still low at 0.5%, it is found that 52.5% think that they "want to purchase".

Regarding programs that I would like to see on 3D television, there are many answers "movies (57.6%)" and "sports (41.3%)", followed by "animation (15.8%)" and "music program (12.7%)" It was. It is apparent from the answer that there are many people who seek a realistic feeling unique to 3D television.

So, tomorrowJuly 23. On July 23, one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Interview with director Hosoda Mamoru of movie "Summer Wars" that made use of the highest level CG and other unexpected casts - GIGAZINE

Gal Mikoshi Photo Gallery 2009 1st ~ Gal Mikoshi Outbound Version ~ - GIGAZINE

Microsoft finally completes the latest OS "Windows 7" - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.Pimp living always saying things like a dream grabbed a dream and came back(Episode, if true this woman may have said that it gave one male a chance to succeed)

Show tattoos, extortion of 9-year-old girls: Kumamoto: Region: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(I committed blackmail by showing a tattoo to the opponent, fourth grader in elementary school)

【40 × 40】 Shigeki Miyajima "Men of Tada" But can you do the law? - MSN Sankei News(Message to political prime minister Chika Keiko who was defeated in recent election)

Fastry, Rakuten speaks English "On-premises official literacy" on the net and tavern's argument (1/2): J-CAST News(Management, "From the perspective that the domestic market does not grow, the big trend of Englishization will not stop")

My wife is pretending to be dead without fail when I get home. - Yahoo! Chiebukuro(Life, I think that you want "I want you to do it, but the content to be executed is quite amazing)

34% of pitfalls unexpected to use beach umbrella, ultraviolet rays "pass through" research international news: AFPBB News(Health, beach umbrellas are unprotected due to diffuse radiation entering from the side)

Things to think about paying for "The Times" paper website - Distribution Revolution - Internet and content distribution(Media, 15 thousand people registered for free trial period · 15 thousand people who actually became a registrant to pay money · about 12,500 people who purchased iPad's apps)

Breaking news BIP(Life, the story of the master who was seen by all the regulars, forgetting to fix it by rats taking rats)

A story of 1 million used at the Gaesen during the school days - underground library X floor(episode,"Sangokushi Taisen"The story of a man who got the title of a high-ranking honor given to the top class at)

Chiba private high school: painting student with "misunderstanding" in answer mistake also after suicide: alfalfa mosaic(Incident, so-called "HangmanPicture of)

"Phpvirtualbox" which can operate virtual machines using VirtualBox on a web basis: phpspot development diary(It is possible to install an instance from the software, the browser, start a new OS, take a snapshot of the data)

Google Japan Blog: Street View, Shooting resume announcement(We stopped shooting because we were collecting the payload data being sent on the service, WiFi network)

Did you really end Google from China? Former U.S. government officials reveal a decisive conflict avoidance | DOL special report | Diamond Online(International and Chinese governments tend to think that it is a monolith, but there are diverse views among China and opinions are divided on censorship issues)

Brother, glasses type display Name is "Air Scouter" - AV Watch(Economy, utilizing the afterimage effect by moving the light at high speed by applying light of safe brightness to the retina in the eye)

Aircraft black box inventor died at the age of 85 - ITmedia News(The death, Dr. Warren, inventor of the flight data recorder has lost his father in an aircraft accident at the age of 9)

【WEB People · Detailed Edition】 Professional gamer, Umehara (29) "I want to raise the case" (1/4 page) - MSN Sankei News(Story, as well as Guinness registration as "professional gamer who is earning the world's longest prize money in August")

Current affairs dot com: Facebook, exceeding 500 million people = number of registrants suddenly increased to one big net forces(Net service, more than 100 million more than half a year since reaching 400 million in February this year)

Notice of Expansion of Economy Mode Time for Summer Vacation - Nico Nico News(Internet service, Economy mode switch around around noon during the summer vacation period)

JASRAC Problem flow arrangement Funky Sueyoshi BLOG ~ Funky Sueyoshi and one of his companions ~(Copyright, blast slump drummer · funky Sueyoshi summarizes the flow so far about myself being angered by JASRAC's sloppy copyright fee collection)

"The way customers decide the price" scheme is effective: Research result | WIRED VISION(According to society and researchers "The payment method that we want to pay is effective because companies will share social responsibility with customers")

Mother's lunch Okazu full of enthusiasm but I threw in the river every day because bread or something is good at convenience stores: 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(Family, let's treat your parents as much as possible)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): 22-year-old elementary school teacher hired this spring, arrested for hiker fault Fukuoka - Society(Incident, causing a hit-and-run accident to pick up cigarettes in the car)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Delivery person 60,000 people, petty ruckroad Yu-pack delay all at once - business · economy(Post,Large-scale delay due to the integration of Pelican flights and Yu PackThe deliverer who visited door to door to apology, at the same time, the meaning unknown situation that we call out to terrestrial digital correspondence)

Tohoku Gakuin · Keisuke Honda, direct heat disease hospital direct / Miyagi (1 / 2page) - baseball - SANSPO.COM(Sports, extended to 15 hospitals after throwing 125 spheres 15 times and was transferred to the hospital due to heat stroke)

News - Animals - 30 Amphibian Extinctions in the Forest of Panama (Full Article) - National Geographic Official Japanese Site(Living organisms, five out of 30 extinct species have not been officially recognized as new species yet)

Argentina's prison, findings that the dolls are "surveillance" Jailbreak by financial difficulties international international news: AFPBB News(Overseas, a prisoner escaped by finding a dummy watchman with a hat on a soccer ball)

Cardiac arrest at the pizza delivery destination, the former emergency service technology alive life saving | global speech | Reuters(Overseas, a 22-year-old man who was fired a life-saving emergency team and had delivered pizza to make a living)

Current affairs dot com: 18-year-old female singer's reshuffle fans grievance = Philippines(Overseas, since it is only subject to rumor level adjustment of entertainer in Japan, firstly it is unusual to announce formatting first)

Kim Hyun-Hye "I want to travel" with the question of helicopter "national guest treatment" - politics / society - ZAKZAK(Politics, in England headlines "Bombing Imperial Crime is Welcomed in Japan")

Waranote: "Susa Shisho" of the death flag(It's unexpectedly gathered up beautifully)

Another favorite female voice actor ranking of "Otaku girls" which is one bit different from men chosen by today '(Animation, female voice actors who play boys' voices, and many voice actors who are producing results with singer activities rank in)

Team Dragon from AKB 48 Top News on First Day - ORICON STYLE-(The new Dragon Ball ED which had eleven versions of music and CD was on the first day of the day)

Toilet, car, closet too? What is the contemporary "hideout" circumstances - Tokyo Walker(The toilet ranked fourth in the questionnaire survey on the memo, "Hide-by-happiness place")

Nanaki Shirahama Airport nicknamed "Nanki Shirahama Panda Airport" - Wakayama Prefecture is currently studying | Life | My com journal(Traffic, considered as nicknamed because there are the largest number of domestic pandas in Adventure World in Shirahama)

"Confession" of movies is a new record at Oricon's "book ranking" | RBB TODAY (entertainment, music news)(Bunko books recorded 173.3 million copies due to the influence of movies, and on the official websiteSome of the original can be readIt has become like)

Meiji Seika: Press Releases Popular items become bar type and new appearance! "Bamboo became Takeoko no Sato bar" New release(Is it meant that food, "Takaneko no Sato" grew up and turned into bamboo?)

"Fruit okoshi" made by Okinoya (Excite Bit Connector) - Excite News(Food, "Suzaka fruit okoshi" using dried fruits from Nagano Prefecture)

Sanyo Shinkansen: Shin-Osaka - Driving at Himeji stopped Maintenance vehicle derailed - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(The collision avoidance device was introduced due to the same type of rear-end collision of railway and JR West maintenance accident occurred in the past, but it is unknown whether this worked this time or not)

Governor Morita, "completely independent", the examination is "non-accusation equivalent": society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Politics, now Mr. Kensaku Morita of the Governor of Chiba prefecture was stating "completely independent" at the time of the election, "voting equivalent to non-accusation" came out)

Hotel New Otani opens the pool - 60,000 yen cottage a day, this year - Akasaka Keizai Shimbun(You can enjoy authentic cuisine of "Trader Vix" as swimsuit in hotel, poolside)

Tim Burton's latest work is a Japanese monster motif: movie news - movie.com(A movie, a board game with a motif "Japanese monster"Monsterpocalypse"Movie conversion)

How many people can be survived for 10 years?(Work, real situation can not be seen at all)

First International Conference Presentation - NextReality(It is written politely enough that it can be applied sufficiently to presentations and ordinary presentations)

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