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Today from Seven & amp; i Holdings and Yahoo! JAPAN co-sponsored"In Stock Now Gourmet Championship" to determine gourmet No. 1 for Stock Now startedIt was done. The Induction Gourmet Championship is to decide the popularity ranking of gourmet ordered by tournament method by voting and sales performance etc. for gourmet items that can be purchased at Yahoo! Shopping or Seven Net Shopping.

First of all, the preliminary contest by web voting was done until the end of August, the main championship gotten after the main battle from September to December and the final battle in January of 2010 was ordered and the winning items were Seven Eleven It is said that it will be sold in stores at the store.

It seems that there are additional nominations in mid-June and mid-July besides the currently nominated items, so it may be good to vote when your favorite items appear.

So, tomorrowMay 21. On May 21st one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

Freshly baked pizza and freshly made pasta are all you can eat "Pizza Hut · Natural" Charge taste review - GIGAZINE

The world's first "energy-chargeable battery" will be released 10 times more energy - GIGAZINE

For those who can not buy a mask sold out, how to make a mask with a paper towel - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
AKBN O | An experimental idol project from Akabane started!(Entertainment, "idol group plan, which a bit dangerous odor will be launched," Meeting, talking, idle that can go on date "is the concept)

To keep morale of men - 10 bosses 'do not do' selection - 10 secret surviving the IT industry - ZDNet Japan(Living, it is important to carefully look at your faces in the end after all)

All 26 types of toppings! Rumor "All Shime Pizza" finally released - Tokyo Walker(Food, it seems that you get a considerable satisfaction with one piece)

Featured Wide: Evolution in The Lumpy Hillland Amusement Park Hangul rooted in Tokyo · Okubo - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)("Hallyu Fan" which is a strong image of the society, middle-aged and elderly, but half now is a young woman)

Even small amounts of SSD are effective - Nikkei Computer Report: ITpro(Although it is more expensive than hardware and HDD, the processing speed improves just by making SSD a part of the system)

What's so bad about a woman's scarlet so gloomy?(Psychology, pretending to be friends even though you are cheerful)

World Cup football, champion England = JP Morgan quantitative analysis | global speech | Reuters(Sports, Brazil, which is ranked first in the FIFA ranking, predicts that it will not reach the championship as the road to the finals is more severe than other strong countries)

Press release -> Recommended for internet connection from PC or Wi-Fi game machine! Ultra-compact wireless LAN router that realized reasonable price appeared - Logitech(Ultra-compact wireless LAN router with hardware, width 94 mm × depth 70 mm × height 20.8 mm and weight 70 g)

Beware of those with excellent results! Elite who become "depressed" with one failure | Otona who "withdraw" | Diamond Online(Society, young people who grew up with obsession that you must keep on giving results all the time, will lose desperation or retreat if you can not get results)

Square, DS "Dragon Quest IX Hoshizora no Mamoritai". Certified as Guinness world record by PASS NOW! - GAME Watch(An amazing number of games, 117.577073 people as of March 4, 2010)

【Yajiwa Watch】 DIY manga "Home Center Tanko", sales are rising rapidly in 2ch reviews - INTERNET Watch(Comic, a work of an unusual genre that drew a DIY life of high school girl who came from Kyushu to Kanto)

If you want to experience the excitement of Google's Font API ... "Font Previewer" - IDEA * IDEA ~ 100 Managers' Life Hack Blog(Web, an API that allows users to freely use Web Font data provided by Google)

Megan · Fox, "Transformer 3" to shoot just before shooting! : Film News - eiga.com if you are a movie(It is speculated that it might be a revenge for criticizing the movie, director as Hitler)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Iron brake lever, JR Biwako line which breaks right after departure - Society(It was good not to be the time to brake the train to stop,

Net election campaign difficulty emerging Applications from the upper house election final decision on the 21st - MSN Sankei News(Politics, prospective proportionality candidates are limited to activities as political parties, so updating of personal blogs etc. may not be accepted)

Hebei Shinbun Tohoku news / nickname of new-model vehicle "Resort Asunaro" to Tsugaru · Daikin Line(It will be launched from December on railway, Tsugaru line and Daikin Line)

My sister painting with VIPPER animation Please picture that is collapsing(It has reached the level of animation, how it became like this)

Power off · Incoming call notification service | Service · function | NTT DoCoMo(Free service that understands incoming calls when power is off or out of range with mobile, short message service (SMS))

Low price Car navigation Circuit change Practicality emphasis Focused on portable type pursuit (1/2 page) - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)(Low-priced car navigation system that can be pursued by hardware, navigation system of mobile phone in addition to portable type car navigation system)

London Olympics: Mascot announced ... Even though "not cute" is rated - every day jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Memo, feeling like a flashy first-eyed)

VIPPER me: What kind of thing is the level of the level that the Japanese riot occurs?(Society, "I think that everyone is going to do" may be the most accurate representation of the current situation)

Can you sell this? : Alfalfa mosaic(It may be amazing if you actually have such items)

I am a high school student in France but have any questions? Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www(International, interesting with knowing the difference)

There is no useless knowledge:(Life, if you find a house with the same surname in the middle of excursion, "Here Amen" etc.)

VIPPER I: everyday in F-run university(Education, "If seniors do not have one limit, they will do something, for the time being Gae Seon ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

【College student at the time】 "I am hired from class" I'm off work seminar ww Working Mono News: Life VIP craftsman blog www(Actual condition that is the result of education,

The most popular first-time shop entertainer is No. 1! Is it? | Research rTYPE [eye share](Entertainment, I feel that 1st place is no longer a one shop)

AKB 48 is the first player in the BOOK category, the talent book is No. 1 for the first time in 8 months since KAT - TUN News - ORICON STYLE -(Official guidebook with books, member's profile etc. written)

Prohibition of using e-mail while driving by the United Nations, prevention of accidents of public vehicles | global speech | Reuters(Traffic, prohibiting e-mail using mobile terminal for driver of United Nations vehicle)

There are people who went to Russia for the sacred pilgrimage of "DARKER THAN BLACK meteor twin" - Hidden OTA's blog(Animation, photographs of scenes appearing in the play, etc. are taken)

Real Live - Censor "Breasts"!(There seems to be one that automatically detects and exposes the image that the tits are exposed from the image bulletin board called "boobs ♪ scanner" in the Android application)

Microsoft, about the vulnerability of 64-bit version "Windows 7" Warning: News - CNET Japan(Security, if the system is exploited, the system crashes, remote code execution may cause the computer to be compromised)

Accidental injury: Sento after dressing up, violent finds violent arrest of ministry of defense ministry - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Society, how about trying to cheat after thinking that you could break in without being found)

Listen to non-onchi, how to teach the way to people in direction (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(It is important to explain not only the memo, the solid, but also the plane)

Lego's professional teaching! You can master full-scale Lego making at Nasu High! - Tokyo Walker(Toy, an event that accepts the lecture of a professional "Lego model builder" certified by Lego)

Discontinued sorting such as "Energy Conservation Grand Prize", reviewed licensing textbooks - 47 NEWS (Yona no news)(The aim is to abolish the award program for society, "Energy Conservation Grand Prize" and "New Energy Grand Prize", and also to reduce costs by introducing competition for teaching drivers license lessons)

IS Parade(You can march along with Twitter's follower icon with web service, Hameln's whistling mood)

A crash Polish government special aircraft, Voice survey committee other than passengers in the cockpit presents 6 interview photos International News: AFPBB News(The crash accident of 96 people including international and presidential couple died, the pilot ignored the warning of the controller and was forced to land)

Octopus and elephants also breakfast! Easy with "Wiener cutter" Mote valve "making - Tokyo Walker(The food seems to be a pleasure for children regardless of whether they are motivated or not)

Foster 3000 Indians in film 3D, respond to growing demand | Entertainment | Reuters(It is planning to train technicians working to process 2D movies into 3D and start 3D processing of 2D movies in India within 1-2 years)

Company employee cafeteria recipe book - "company not asleep" company - Nikkei Trendy Net(The recipe collection that summarizes the menu of meal of Tanita employee citizen hits hits of 420,000 copies)

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