I went to the theme park with a sloping heart "trekking the end of Yoro Tengoshi" that shakes sense of equilibrium and perspective

A pavilion where walls are growing from the ceiling or furniture is buried in walls, and a theme park constructed with a maze and inclination "Yoroi Tenge reversed land"I went to.

This is an artist'sShusaku ArakawaIn the vast art space created in Gifu by Madeline Ginz, it is calculated to shake balance sense and perspective and restore it to the state of the child and reconstruct perception, so what actually I will introduce you.

Details are as below.
Yoroi Tenge reversed land in Yoro Park.

A sign in front of the doorway.

Ticket office. Since it is easy to injure on the structure, helmets and athletic shoes are also rented here.

A museum shop as soon as it entered. It is a building connected to the ticket office.

Inside is like this. Basically the road is inclined.

"Yoroi Tenge reversal area memorial hall - Yoroi Tenge reversed office office".

Although it is attached to the memorial hall in the name, it is not just a place to put the materials etc.

The inside looks like a maze.

A dangerous structure if the floor is tilted and you do not stand firmly and walk.

Fire extinguisher beyond the glass. Since it is difficult to find out where the exit is, guidance is also placed.

The "insect mountain range" where rocks are placed as rumbling. You can climb, but you need attention.

Pump pump at the top. It seems that the figure of a person who climbs for water is likened to insects.


Torii seems to originally began with two bamboo, and bamboo that makes sense as a gate grows.

Floor on which characters of Yoroi Tenge inverted land were engraved.

Animals such as cats and rabbits are also arranged.

"House similar to the limit". On the information pamphlet or official website you can get at the ticket office, "If you feel like going into balance and feeling out of balance, try shouting your name, maybe the name of someone else""Usage" of each pavilionIt is written.

Although I can not see well from the bottom, it seems that the roof is in the shape of Gifu prefecture.

Furniture is arranged inside like a maze just as "house".

The arrangement of everything is supposed to be amazing.

A bath filled in the wall.

There is also a passage that can not pass properly. The child goes through with sulcrum.

There is a map like Gifu on the ground. However, information which is not understood well such as "a road which does not disappear" is written.

A movie that I looked at at the limit and walked home. By the way there was no one shouting names as usual.
YouTube - "House of homes resembling the limit" in Yoroi Tenge reversed area

"Elaborate building".

There is a notice not to climb up the hill.

I did not know the entrance, so I came under the wall and inside.

The pavilion of Yoroi Tenge reversed land seems to be an internal structure that "divided house with similarity" is divided, and it has a similar atmosphere inside elaborate building.

"Oval field". It has a huge mortar shape and various pavilions are placed.

There are many slopes of steep angles, so some people actually injured, so the figure of the watchman also.

In the Japanese garden etc.Borrowed landscapeThere is a technique to show how to take in mountains and the like outside the garden, called mountains, where mountains in the background are one factor that makes the perspective feel crazy.

The elliptical field has considerable size and height difference.

A movie overlooking the field.
YouTube - Ellipse Field in the Yoroi Tenge reversed area

You can see the person in the place you zoomed in the above movie, but until that point you will walk through the narrow width road so that you can go through one person.

This is the end point. Because it is a dead end, I can not go back unless I return to the way I came. Because it is a narrow road, everyone will try hard and bring the body to the wall when they pass each other.

Scenery seen from the end point. I understand the degree of inclination well.

I can not get down because of the height, but the end of the end point is like this.

Go around as far as I could see the end point, look up and look like this.

A photograph taken from a place that has gone beyond the part further seen beyond the end point. It is the end part that is visible around the upper right.

"Chaos in the daytime". Usage is "always trying to be more physical than being human."

"During cutting and closing". Usage is "to protrude both arms forward like a sleepwalking person and walk slowly." The inside seems to be like a maze, but since it is dark it is necessary to proceed by exploring the wall by hand.

There is a place where some light is on, and you can see Japan map by looking up.

"Exercise course". Some walls of the "elliptical field" have holes like doors.

Looking inside from the wallSurrealismIt is a mysterious sight that makes me think.

Outside the wall there is a path leading to a hole in another wall.

"Im going navel". Usage is "walking backwards." Naturally walking backwards is dangerous.

The inside seems to be the same as "house of similar thing in extreme", but the inclination is intense and it is easy to fall.

"Diameter of the invagination film". Usage is "closing eyes" with a structure like "Imaginary navel", but it is considerably dangerous to actually close the eyes and move.

"House of destiny". It was like a resting place because the wall is low.

"Illness transformation device".

Unlike other pavilions here, the atmosphere is slightly different as it is black and white.

A place where roof tiles were spread like a shell. The name as a pavilion is not attached.

"Earth spirit". Usage is "to forget promises on the map".

Although it is not "as far as between closing", the inside is a dark maze, when you see a place with lights you will see a map of Japan.

When I climb up on the "Earth spirit", the map of Japan is like this.

Because the inside of the facility was entirely tilted to break the balance, it had become a level that I had to be more careful than ordinary athletics. It is exciting to the body accustomed to a flat road, and it is made to have fun to move gaps and bodies of usual perception even for children and adults. Because there are many narrow places, it is more suitable for experiences of this art space to store large luggage etc with a locker at the entrance.

The place of Yoroi Tenge reversed place is here. Admission fee is 710 yen in general, 510 yen in high school student, 300 yen in elementary and junior high school students. People who go to play are easy to move clothes, please be careful with injuries.

"Home of things that resemble the limit" of Yoroi Tenge reversed land is a house where people can not live, but in Mitaka City there are Shuraku Arakawa and Madeline Ginz "Mitaka Tenshin reversing houseWe are looking for tenants. There is also a shortstay program which can be stayed from one week, so please go if you want to live in a magical space.

Yoroi Tenge reversed land

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