I went to "Tempozan Anipa" with all kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, owls, alpacas, kangaroos, capybara, turtles etc. without time limit

As a place to interact with animals in urban areasOwl cafeYaCat Cafe,Usagi CafeEtc. are increasing in recent years, but there are cases where one animal can be handled at one store, there is a time limit, and it is sometimes difficult to interact with animals slowly. To realize the desire to have a lot of eyes with animals, contact every animal with unlimited time "Tempozan AnipaI went to and crawled with animals without thinking.

Tempozan Anipa | Marketplace

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"Tempozan Anipa" is located in the large shopping mall "Tempozan Marketplace", the address is 1-1-10 in Osaka-shi Minato-ku, Osaka Municipal Subway Chuo Line "Osaka Port" station about 5 minutes on foot It is in

Arrived at Tempozan Marketplace. The red building that is visible in the back leftOsakais.

Enter from the entrance.

Enter the stairway on your right and go up to the 3rd floor with Tempozan Anipa.

I went up the stairs and found a banner of Tempozan Anipa in the front.

I walked in the direction of the banner, and arrived at the entrance of Tempozan Anipa.

Before the entrance is "Anipamap". Looking at the map, it seems that the Anipa site is divided into three areas for each kind of animals.

The price of Tempozan Anipa is 600 yen for junior high school students, 4 years old to 6th grade students and over 60 years old is 300 yen, there is no time limit. In addition,Tempozan Ferris WheelIf you have a ticket of 10% off the price.

We will pay the fee first before entering. The birds on the other side of the cash register thought that it was made because it did not move so much, but in reality both of the two birds are genuine parakehouses, and when the bird keeper talks to them, they talk to "Konnichiha!" "Oh! It was.

After paying the fee, disinfect both hands with a disinfectant spray.

You can also keep your luggage on the shelf next to the entrance.

Go through the door and finally to the space where the animals are.

The closest space to the entrance is rabbit, guinea pig, turtle area.

The white rabbit whose hair was fluffy was sagging inside the fence.

There was a big rabbit drinking water outside the fence.

I finished drinking water and I'm curing hair.

A rabbit who was stationary in front of a drinking machine.

Ears hanging down, rabbits with long hair.

A turtle walking with the ground.

On the other hand, some tortoise stood still in front of the thermal machine.

I pulled my head inside the shell and slept warmly and warmly in front of the thermal machine.

A guinea pig was hiding in the nest box.

I gazed at the face nicely from the nest box when I was staring.

Guardiag with strong vigilance, looking out and retracting from the nest box, and looking around the area.

Rabbit and tortoise

Rabbit and tortoise No. 2

Carrot was prepared as a snack for rabbits and guinea pigs.

The room and the room are separated by a double door.

Go through the door and move to the next room. The middle space is a dog / cat area.

Animals hanging around the desk.

Cats & dogs sleeping at the top and bottom of the desk.

New Zealand · Huntay way with no appearance of hiding and standing at all though it is dressed as a shinobi.

A cushion with three dogs densely populated.

Japan Spitz dressed in Yukata.

Two poodles were wearing different color Yukata. It is Nippon Spitz and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the back.

Newfoundland which had been lying on the floor, ignant.

Dogs going to the breeders as a keeper are working at the corner of the room, "Will you get food?"

A cat that sleeps on a shelf.

This is a cat sleeping as it is rounded in the basket.

Cat walking catwalk

Two animals that get off the desk and grind the body.

Returned beauty.

A white cat sleeping and sleeping.

A cat like a lady who occupies a bench and sleeps.

When approaching and trying to touch it, I was caught sharply ... ....

A cat hiding in the shadow of a cupboard.

I will go through the door and go to the back space.

The back space is a room with a jungle-like atmosphere.

I encountered a kangaroo trying to escape near the door.

Essentially kangaroo was bouncing around the piccopic area with pico, but there was a gentle kangaroo which did not move even if it was touched.

A kangaroo while dining next to Alpaca.

Two kangaroos were sitting still, so when you approach it ...

The baby kangaroo was drinking her mother's tits.

Alpaca was walking around the room at a slow speed.

The height of Alpaca is about the height of breasts' breasts.

When sitting in, it looks like Sphinx.

A sharp tooth is glancing from the mouth.

Although you will want to touch the butt of Mumumofu unintentionally, touching the animal's butt is strictly prohibited. The head and back were said to be good.

Capybara's hair is hard and tender.

If you think that two capybara squirrels are sitting at the window where the sun is plugged in and "Cyruscu" was raised ... ...

Move to tokotoko and water field.

As I kept still in the water and did not move, I saw "?" And saw it, the bird keeper said, "I'm in the bathroom ~".

Capybara which finishes the toilet and bathes in the bath.

Capybara gently stares at the appearance while showing long teeth.

Sexy capybara that shows a stomach while bathing.

Capybara began to eat again again after bathing.

The animals are gathering together and eating.


Alpaca is moving meals to grind the grass.

As I touched the back of the alpaca, I touched it even during a meal, so when I touched the back of the alpaca, my hands were fluffy enough to sink into my hair, it was my back which I wanted to feel warm and slightly touched.

Capybara kept grass on his face, and he was eating with his mother.

Mara and kangaroo are eating here.

Capybara, who crawled into the escalator when grass was lost and was occupying food for one.

Animals line up in line as if waiting for foods in order.


The inside of the tree branches in the center area was a space for animals' rest.

When I was looking around the room as to where the owl is, I found eyeglasses sitting still by the pillars.

Because of the nocturnal nature, I kept wings quietly in a relatively dark place.

Another one, the black men owl which stopped near the ceiling.

While I was sitting at my hair I occasionally watched the surroundings.

It was the iguana that kept still at the corner of the room to assimilate with the branches of the tree.

As I approached, I opened my eyes snappy ... ...

I closed my eyes and stopped moving.

The iguana has a fearless face when opening his eyes patchily.

At the snack corner there were papers for capybara and leaves for kara, kangaroos and alpacas.

Kangaroo and Mara come to the snack

Mara who was lined up with three in the same posture for some reason.

Mara's body hair was fluffy touching feeling.

Sexy pose 's Mara Part 1.

Sexy pose part 2.

Sexy pose part 3.

Kangaroos & iguanas and ...

The unusual combination of kangaroo and turtle can be seen if Tianpozan Anipa has many kinds of animals.

It was acadetaline that moved about in the cage.

Acetamantrin is derived from the name that only the tip of the hand is orange.

I have a long tail on a small body.

Therefore, even if it gets into the blanket ...

"Hiding the head and not hiding the tail" state.

The squirrel monkey that was in the cage next to me was sitting in a single place.

There was a corner of the experience fish experience.

In the aquarium there was a fish named Gala Luffa, a nature that eats the aging horny of human's skin.

Tempozan AniPa's opening hours are from 11 o'clock to 19:30, and the final entry is 19 o'clock. Regular holiday is every Monday, but it is said that it is open during holiday, spring break, summer vacation, winter break, Golden week.

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