Cave in Okayama drifted in a mysterious sense · Bikini bell went to breast hole

Okayama prefecture designated natural treasure that leaves a name in the history book such as "Three Japanese generation reality" compiled during the Heian periodBichun's bell jellyfish (Vacuum Kanakichana). I was able to sightsee to 300 meters, and a strange space was staged by lighting up.

Details are as below.
A sign in front of the entrance.

Map and description. The length of the dong is 700 meters, the back is still under development now. Currently, you can enter and go to the place of 300 meters.

Paying the entrance fee at the reception desk will aim at the cave.

I will go down the hill for about 100 meters from the reception desk to the cave.

Entrance of the cave itself. It looks like a big crack.

I will go through a fearful atmosphere fence.

The interior is color light up.

Movie entering from the front entrance.

Cave in Okayama · Bikkan In front of the entrance to the bell jellyfish entrance - YouTube


The ceiling is quite high in many places.

A little space will show a large space.

Movie inside the cave.

Okayama's cave · Bikini bell breast cave inside - YouTube

God was also being celebrated.

"Seven Machida"

"Weeping cherry blossoms"

Graffiti by people without mind was being done.

The cave is still continuing.

5 meters in diameterstalagmite"Fuji Kawachi"

"White silk waterfall"


"Five-fold tower"

It seems that the tower is made of 22 hierarchical huge stalactites.

There are places in the cave where you have to move carefully overhead.


There was a bat like a cave.

Okayama's cave · Bikini bell juice hole bat - YouTube

"Rising dragon"

Plants are growing with the light of the light.

A little surprising light up in the back of the cave.

During the evaluation that Momotaro 's model, Kikitsu Hikodu made a strategy conference on devilishment.

"Statue of Mary"


"Zen of Nazo"

"Okina". Up to this area will be the part that can be sightseeing now, I will return the way I came and return.

The exit light is bright.

Although it is a limestone cave prepared for sightseeing purposes, there are quite a depth and size, and you can taste the feeling of exploration sufficiently. Also, since we will walk down the street from the reception to the entrance of the cave, it is a scenic spot that makes me feel a bit like a crisis when coming on a sunny day.

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