North Korea's anti-aircraft defense network seen on Google Earth



At the beginning of the Google Earth service, there were many images showing military facilities so clearly that it was a bit of a fuss as governments expressed concern. Such images would never have been exposed a long time ago, but recently, such images have been used by the general public to thoroughly investigate the deployment status of North Korean anti-aircraft guns and mortars and publish them. Some people are.

Details are below.
Planeman's Military Analysis: North Korean Capital --dissecting the defenses

■ Anti-aircraft gun
There are more than 420 active anti-aircraft gun sites around Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. This does not include areas where anti-aircraft missile sites or mobile anti-aircraft guns are installed. So, for now, Pyongyang is probably the most well-protected capital in the world.

Due to the low resolution of Google Earth, it is not possible to determine the caliber of an anti-aircraft gun simply by looking at the silhouette. You will be able to estimate the placement by comparing anti-aircraft gun sites from other countries and North Korea, and by comparing the sizes of anti-aircraft guns from the same site. The image below is a silhouette of some anti-aircraft guns used in North Korea.

The anti-aircraft gun defense line seems to be designed this way,

From around 2000, the anti-aircraft gun site in the city was abolished due to the deterioration of facilities and the promotion of urbanization, and the anti-aircraft gun site is being moved to the suburban site. Although large in number, it cannot handle weapons such as stealth and cruise missiles.

14.5mm anti-aircraft gun placement map. The circle indicates the effective range of 1.4km. Although the lines are formed, the effective areas do not overlap, giving the impression of being patchy.

Furthermore, it looks like this only on the anti-aircraft gun site. In an emergency, anti-aircraft guns for transportation will be installed at these sites.

A typical anti-aircraft gun site. You can see 4 gates in the image, but there may be something that is disguised and cannot be seen from the sky.

Deployment status of 37mm anti-aircraft gun. Effective range 4km. You can clearly see that it surrounds the city of Pyongyang.

A typical 37mm anti-aircraft gun site.

57mm anti-aircraft gun deployment status

Seen from the sky, it looks like this. By the way, it is also an effective camouflage to put

dummy balloons in the shape of anti-aircraft vehicles and tanks for reconnaissance by satellite images like this.

100mm anti-aircraft gun. The number will be considerably reduced.

Abandoned site.

Furthermore, a site that was abolished before and can no longer be confirmed in images recently. Note that many were previously deployed in Pyongyang.

When all are put together, it looks like this.

■ Artillery unit
This is the location of bases that carry out ground attacks such as mortars. You can see that all directions are kill zones centered on Pyongyang. Especially the western coastal area seems to be protected quite thickly.

If you display only the positions where the guns are not placed, it looks like this. In an emergency, the gun is moved from the base and deployed, but if you look at this, you can somehow understand the position of the base.

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