Sleep disorder "Sexsomnia" who performs sexual acts regardless of the will of the individual during sleep

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Sleep onset(So-called sleepwalking disease)NREM-Parasomnia(Non-REM sleepA type of behavior disorder)Sexsomnia(Sexomnia) "There seems to be one.

As alias "Sleep sex" as its name, it is an obstacle that brings about sexual behavior / sexual acts regardless of the intention of the person during non-REM sleep, in some cases it brings serious consequences to the person and the surrounding people However, there are also things that its existence has been proved medically proved in a few years ago and it is still not generally known, and it is difficult to consult with a doctor or the surrounding people even if you are aware of the symptoms, The incidence and the number of patients have not been clarified. In the latest research,Sleeping disorderAs far as the person visiting the specialized outpatient is concerned, it turned out that this sexomunia had developed at a high rate of 7.6%.

Details are as below.Sexsomnia Is Common In Sleep Center Patients

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In 1996, it was the first time that a research paper suggesting that sexual behavior during sleep might be a new type of sleep behavior disorder distinguishable from others. Several studies have suggested that sexual behavior during sleep is a medically treatable 'disorder', which was published in Canadian Journal of Psychiatry in 2003Papers by doctors at the University of TorontoThe definition of "Sexsomnima" was made.

Sexual assaultAlthough there may be cases that the defendant argues in a trial such as the trial, there are many people who suspect the existence of sexomunia itself, but video shooting of sleeping patients,Sleep polygraph testIt is confirmed that the patient is actually sleeping during sexual behavior by sexual activity and other properties that can be distinguished from other sleep behavior disorders have also been confirmed. It is a completely different thing from the case that I happened when I did sexual activity but I do not remember it due to drugs or alcohol.

In SexmoniaAntiepilepticsofClonazepamAlthough I know that it is effective, people who do not realize behavior during sleeping, those who do not know that such a disease is aware even if they are aware of their behavior, their behavior may be symptoms of Sexomnia It is thought that the majority of patients are not diagnosed because there are many people who are embarrassed and can not consult even if they suspect it is not there.

Many of the cases of sexomunia reported so far are cases in which they have consulted with partners who are sleeping with their patients and cases where they were exposed to light only after they were indicted for consequential offense of sleeping behavior It is that. In addition, a woman who realized that he was performing sexual activities with others during sleeping due to a man who was injured by severe masturbation during sleep (for example, rubbing genitalia on a brick wall) and sexomunia who remained in the morning the next morning It seems that an example of it has been reported.

University Health NetworkDr. Sharon A. Chung of the psychiatric Sleep Research Laboratory says "The incidence of sexsmenia has never been studied", a hospital network that functions as a university hospital at the University of Toronto.

Held in San Antonio, Texas from June 5, 2010SLEEP 2010In the study by Dr. Chung and others published at Dr. Chung et al. Announced at Sleeping, 832 first-line patients of a medical institution specializing in sleeping (832 consecutive in the order of consultation, 428 men and 404 female) targeted sleep disorder symptoms and sleeping We conducted a questionnaire survey on behaviors, sleepiness, fatigue, mood, etc. during awake. As a result, 7.6% (63 out of 832 people) reported that they had sex acted to a partner during sleep or sex acts. Also, 11% of males and 4% of females seemed to have experienced male sex acts during sleep at a much higher rate.

"A very high proportion of 8% had experienced symptoms of sexsmnia, as this is a matter among people who have been introduced to medical institutions specializing in sleep due to suspicion of sleep disorder, In a general group it will be far less than this, "Dr. Chung said.

In patients who reported symptoms of Sexomnia and other patients, differences were not observed in insomnia, fatigue, depression, caffeine ingestion, smoking habits, etc. However, the proportion of people reporting the use of illegal drugs was similar to that of Sexomnia It was nearly twice as high as those with some other people (15.9% compared with 7.7% for patients with other sleep disorders).

"In general patients seem not to consult doctors about this problem," Dr. Chung said. There were 63 people who reported symptoms of Sexomnia in a questionnaire survey among 832 people, whereas only 4 people complained of these symptoms by interview with a doctor.

Suddenly, suddenly it is a nightmare to be condemned as a sex criminal by behaving entirely unknown, but there are many incidents that have actually become trials. By SexmoniaCases where criminal liability was not askedThere are also, for the victim, even for sexsmenia patients who worked sexually assault during sleep, damage is not uncommon.

This sexomunia illness is a problem that can compromise the relationship with a partner who sleeps in the bed or friends and family living together, even if it does not lead to a serious situation like rape, and the patient's sleeping It can be a cause of secondary mental illness such as trauma and depression / alcohol dependence. Because it is said that you can control almost completely by eliminating drug therapy · exacerbating factors · securing a safe sleeping environment, so if you or your partner suspects of Sexomnia, you can consult a doctor promptly Recommended.

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