Norwegian boys attacked by moose help the sister with game skills


The boy in Norway was attacked by moose while attending school with her sister, but online RPG "World of WarcraftIt seems that we successfully exited the plight by making use of the skills cultivated in ".

"Arranged version of the soldier training simulator"Full Spectrum Warrior"Unlike the online RPG thought to be quite far from the reality, how did you actually use it?

Details are as below.
Norwegian Boy saves Sister from Moose Attack using World of Warcraft Skills «

This is that boy.

Hans Jorgen Olsen, 12 years old, seems to have been attacked by moose when trying to escape the forest as a shortcut to school with his sister who is 10 years old. As Moosei came straight to the two of them, he faced a moose to safely escape the sister who tried to run and tried to escape.

First, he used "taunt" against moose. This is used in the World of Warcraft to escape lightly colleagues, and he gave a loud voice to secure his sister's safety.

After trying to direct the moose's attention only to him, he tried to run with full power and tried to escape, but he was pushed by the moose from the back and was knocked down to the ground. At that time, I used "feign death" this time. As a result, it is said that the moose lost interest in him who did not move and went somewhere.

After that I found my sister and went to school by bus, but, as a result, it was done with only bruises. I am amazed that the twelve-year old boy will soothe so much.

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