Production of OVA "Tales of Symphonia" third period "World Integration" decided

OVA series "Tales of Symphonia The ANIMATION" produced based on the game "Tales of Symphonia". I drew until the rush of Tessara in the story of the gameSilvarant versionIn 2007, I painted after plunging TessaaraTessaraWas released in 2010, but finally the third series "World Integration"Has been decided. This is the one that depicts the portion corresponding to the game's Delis Carrane edition.

Details are as below.
OVA Tales of Symphonia THE ANIMATION Tessara

Twitter / Frontier Works Matsunaga: OVA "Sinfonia" Petit Information: In the main part of the game, which is the continuation of Tessara's edition, it was decided to produce the 3rd term which corresponds to Delice · CARLAN edition!

Twitter / Kondo Hikaru: Tales of Symphonia World Integration Edition Production decision!

"Tales of Symphonia" is an RPG released in 2003, popular among "Tales of" series, OVA is a series of "Tales of Symphonia The ANIMATION" depicting Silvarant edition in 2007, the continuation of "Tales Opinion of Symphonia The ANIMATION Teaseara "was released in 2010.

Yoofor table's Kondo producers and others had talked about "You can make this continuation" before, but it seems that it has become a reality at last.

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