Cultivation kit "Grow Your Own Beer Garden" for people who want to make beer from raw materials

Recently a toy that can make sweets such as raw caramel is sold and popular not only for children but also for adults, but there seems to be a beer making kit for those who want to make beer from raw materials.

With this, you may be able to make delicious homemade beers different from usual.

Details are from the following.
ThinkGeek :: Grow Your Own Beer Garden

This cultivation kit "Grow Your Own Beer Garden" will fulfill your dreams.

Put the enclosed soil and sow the barley · wheat · hop seeds which is the raw material of beer.

Only wait for barley · wheat · hops to grow.

When I grew up, the kit's turn is over. There is a voice saying "I have not become a beer yet!", But this is a "beer raw material cultivation kit" to the last. It seems that if you make beer with barley, wheat and hops from here you can make delicious things.

By the way, by the liquor tax lawTo manufacture a beverage with an alcohol content of 1 degree or more, you must obtain a license from the tax office managerSo please be careful when making it.

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