Decided to animate "Fate / stay night" spin-off work "Fate / Zero"

TYPE-MOONPopular game "Fate / stay night"It is a spin-off work of the novel written on the theme of the" Fourth Holy Grail War "which is said in the same work"Fate / ZeroIt became clear that animation will be done.

Details are as below.
Fate / Zero

"Fate / Zero" is a spin-off work of TYPE-MOON's popular game "Fate / stay night" with a light novel in which all 4 volumes (16 chapters + α) were published from 2006 to 2007. The author is a scenario writer belonging to nitroplusFictitious sourceThe theme is "Quaternary Holy Grail War" which little details were revealed in "Fate / stay night" work. The main character is Mr. Kanji Miyami who appeared only in Shiro's reminiscence at "Fate / stay night", and the servant Saber, of course, has just appeared.

There have been voices from fans who wanted animation of "Fate / Zero" for a long time, and the trend has been drawing attention for a long time, but it is finally feeling that information has come out formally. Furthermore, it is still unknown whether it is TV animation, movie, how the staff's face is, what the casting will be, etc. For details, please see "TYPE-MOON ACE Vol.6"It is said to be revealed.

Although "Fate / Zero" used to be a drama CD before, can there be any change in casting?

Also, animation production is "Studio / Dead" Fate / stay night "TV series and theater version" Fate / stay night UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS "was a studio dean, theatrical version" sky boundary "all seven copies and animation of the final chapter Is it ufotable that I've done, or is it a place to worry about JCSTAFF of "Moon Temple Tsukihime"?

As for this, because there is a character of "TYPE-MOON ufotable" in the image which is considered as advertisement of TYPE-MOON ACE Vol.6, it is considered to be fixed by ufotable production if the image is genuine.

Released in early JanuaryNewtypeIs there a matter different from Kore that "TYPE - MOON × ufotable × NewType has a serious announcement" in the February issue? And the latest work of TYPE-MOON which is supposed to be released this winter "Witch's nightDoes the information of "come out?

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