Costume of the movie "Break Blade" appears in the arcade game "Border Break"

An arcade game that is running well at the game center "BORDER BREAK (BORDER BREAK)"Is an animated movie"Break Blade"We will collaborate with character parts, and it seems that you can use the costume of" Break Blade "character.

BothbreakIs there something in common that there is a collaboration?

Details are as below.
"Border break" is an arcade game of Sega that has been in operation since September 2009, and from October 2010 new models and street name systems were added "Border break air burstVersion upgrade to.

It is TPS (Third Person Shooter) which manipulates a body called a blast runner from a third party viewpoint, not FPS which the player plays a game with the same viewpoint as a character, but while analyzing the game situation in real time, It also includes elements like RTS (Real Time Strategy) which have to be considered, and we are producing players who are pretty enthusiastic.

To collaborate with such "Border Break", among the all six copies, now the fourth chapter "Miserable Novel" is on display in the movie "Break Blade". It is the content that the protagonist Rigat and Cigun costumes will be delivered.

A woman character of "Lady of the Lady" wearing a costume of Sijk. When Zhang is wearing this clothes the impression that she coats the hood is strong, so it looks like a different costume.

This is a male character of "hot blood type" wearing Rigat's costume. Because this is a costume of Knights of the Krishna Kingdom, it is worn regardless of gender in addition to Rigat, so it looks nice regardless of gender regardless of "male and female" even in "Border Break".

In the future more kinds will be increased, and it is planned to be 10 kinds in all.

Collabo started on January 22, when the "Theater Break Break Blade Chapter 5 Deathline Nobutsu" is released. Distribution is done at "" mobile site linked with "Border Break". A monthly fee is required for member registration of

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