Completion of all six part copies, "Blake Blade Chapter 6 Scenic Foot" Scene cut cut open

In 2009 the movie was announced in all six part copies "Break Blade"From May 2010 it will be completed in about a year and finally" Chapter 6 Ranout Fork "released on March 26, will be completed.

I will release the scene cut of this Chapter 6 decorating the last of the work as it is the day before its release. Until now I have followed the content drawn in original comic books but at last it will be overtaking comics in this final decisive battle, so the last unexpected even in the original fan may be waiting.

Scene cut is from the following.
Break version of the movie version

An invincible smile of General Borcus (CV: Kazuya Nakai) approaching the Kingdom of Krishna 's Kingdom.

Krushna suppression army led by Borcycus and elite.

Volcs' subordinates, Io (CV: Takuzi Terashima) and Leto (CV: Eri Pik Kitamura).

Delphing which was refurbished to the fifth form in order to stop the Borcus troops.

General Vardo (CV: Masashi Sugawara) who had previously suffered a painful hit by attacking a Borucy's troops can not be absent from the crisis of the kingdom.

Captain of the cherry tree of the Konoe battalion (CV: Nanpo Katsuragi). Even at the invasion of the kingdom by the unit of Zess it was also responsible for defense.

Hoszu (CV: Yuichi Nakamura) has no choice but to watch over the battle ends.

Siguru who thinks of Reigat's body (CV: Chiwa Saito).

And Kleo (CV: Hanazawa Kana) who is captured by Krishna.

You should have noticed that Athens' education that "Krishna is not only an abusive human being" in the life living with Sijin is wrong, but what kind of work do you show in the story?

The theatrical version "Blake Blade Chapter 6 Shiraku no Ko" is open from March 26th. Theater notice is distributed on the Bandai channel.

Theater version break break 6th chapter Theater notice

Depending on the theater, it seems that there is a place to publish one chapter from the first chapter to the fifth chapter, or the first chapter to the sixth chapter at once, so if you want to see it from now on please check it on the official website.

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