"Border break air burst Ver. 2.0" trial movie whose street name is perfect for his own combat style

Sega whole body high speed robot team battle action ·"BORDER BREAK"It is a new work of "Border break air burst Ver.2.0"Was playable at the 48th Amusement Machine Show, so I took a variety of movies and demonstration movies.

Various "street names" are named arbitrarily according to what kind of battle they have been, and "Spark spark"Kind ambush"What is it being praised, such as" From what it is hard to understand, "Cool borderThere are many prepared to parentheses like parentheses like. Since it reflects how your play is seen from people, it seems to give us new discoveries in playing.

Details are as below.Border Break Official Website

There is a queue on the test stand, and there are people who are always playing.

This is the "street name" system of the problem. It seems to be a system that street name is named arbitrarily according to what kind of way you fought, but it certainly became strong by street name, although there are some names that seem to be a bit embarrassed somewhat It seems like I'm feeling like it or I can catch the tendency of my way of fighting.

YouTube - "Border Break Air Burst Ver. 2.0" Demo Movie of Street Name System

Two new characters will also be added. Shibu aged type and a calm type with a mild atmosphere.

The sky has been added to the battle stage from this new work.

Mobile site "BB, NETLinking with the site, you can join with friends by registering on the site, you can enjoy match-ups and cooperative play.

This is the case.

Like this title "Air Burst" from this new work, not only the ground battle but also the air battle are possible.

There is no major change in the operating system and the previous work. L The grip moves the airframe.

Use the R grip to control the aim and others.

The power of battle and the speed feeling were enjoyable as well as the previous work.

YouTube - "Border Break Air Burst Ver. 2.0" play movie

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