Soft pudding "DIPLIN" all kinds of dip in donuts, I tried thoroughly dipping

Since June 3, 2010, Mr. Donut has brought out a variety of new products, so I went and went eating.

The first thing we took first was to eat it as a pud as it is, mix it and make it a donut 's dip and good product called "dip ring". I tried to kill the two kinds of so-called "custard" of pudding flavor and "rare cheese" which was sour taste to 6 kinds of plain cloth donuts and explored the optimum combination.

Details are as below.Dip Lin Custard | Drink · Soup etc | Mister Donut
DIPLIN Rare Cheese | Drink · Soup etc | Mister Donut

"Dip ring" was quietly lined up at the bottom of the display shelf where donuts are lined up.

Since it was that there were items that were cold in the store and those refrigerated in the refrigerator, we had both prepared.


"Rare cheese"

I just opened the lid. It is an appearance that reminds me of pudding which is often sold for souvenirs.

I scooped, I felt it was much softer than it looked. This is "custard"

"Rare cheese" looks like a cream, coupled with the color.

I will mix and match it to be attached to a donut.


We will arrange six types of plain-based fabric donuts, and will continue to dipping.

"Sugar Raised" has a feeling of plain of sugar in front, but because of the volume of the dough, it has a well-balanced taste even with a dip. However, "rare cheese" seems to be a little bit sour.

"French kriller" originally has a sweetness attached to the dough, so it has fought from the front with the acidity of "rare cheese". "Custard" is turned on, the cream content is added to the sweetness of the dough, and it comes with a pretty taste. "Custard" is more recommended if it says either.

"Cookie crew (Honey)" was originally fried, so the crispness of the fabric itself felt very strong. Compared favorably with "custard" rather than "rare cheese", eating with "custard" makes me feel as if I'm eating tarts.

"Old fashion" was a sense of the breadth of the pocket that accepts dipping, with the rustic taste of the fabric playing a role. Either way you can feel the taste of dip clearly.

Since "Pon de Ring" has no habit, it seemed to be compatible with either dip, but unexpectedly when combining with "rare cheese", the feeling of the dough of the dough is felt strange why somehow, afterwards Together with the sourness of the dip chasing from. It felt like a complex glimpse of a glimpse of a surprising aspect of a friend I thought was familiar.

Why "Honey Dip" also combined with "rare cheese" gave birth to the flavor that is not to be said. It may be that the flavor of the wheat of the dough and the sourness of the dip are not very compatible. Overall, "custard" seemed better for dip use, but it was delicate when I thought that dip was a necessity.

Although I dip plenty in six donuts, I have surplus quite a bit. When trying, it is better to go out by a large number of people or narrow down the type to either one. When I tried the surplus "dip ring" as it was, "custard" tasted like a flavor to pastel's smooth pudding while "rare cheese" was tasty and refreshingly tasty. But thisChilled in a refrigeratorThe impression of things of the thing, the sweetness comes out to the whole thing at room temperature, it felt quite frustrating and it was difficult to eat. If you use it for dip at room temperature, if you eat it as it is, you will be dangerous if you choose refrigerated ones.

I brought mooring and donuts to my mouth, somehow finished it. Thank you for the meal.

Next, I will try a new drink to eat the donut and to moisten dry nods.

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