A picture showing how Ferrari theme park under construction in Abu Dhabi is finished

On this October 28Abu DhabiIt is a photograph that shows how the world's first Ferrari theme park planned to be opened in. The main venue of the Ferrari theme park is about 20,000 square meters, and more than 20 attractions including the world's fastest roller coaster will be running.

The appearance that a huge and near-futuristic building can be made from nothing can be seen as a symbol of wealth.

Image is from below.
As much as you can see, something is about to be built on the land without anything.

A lot of things like pillars have been built.

At this point, apparently the building seems to be quite huge.

It looks like midgal that appeared somewhat in Final Fantasy 7.

The ceiling began to paint red, and it began to be like Ferrari.


The whole picture including the surroundings is like this.

There is a circuit next to the main venue.

The surrounding facilities are also under construction one after another.

It seems that it is becoming quite elaborate also here.

You can see other pictures from below.

Ferrari Theme Park

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