Movie snatch at the street corner of China, a video of a two person robbery that was in serious eye

Previously at GIGAZINEA story of a robbery that was in terrible eyes because I broke into a bar where strong bikers gatherAlthough it has taken up, the city of China seems to be a dangerous place for robbery.

Details are below.
In Wenzhou, Zhejiang, a two-man man riding a motorcycle snatched a women's handbag, and there was an incident that was surrounded by more than 20 people and made to be bold.

YouTube - chasing the street motorcycle looters ... flv

A bike with two people approaching a woman who handed a bag on the left.

A man on the back snatched the bag.

People who appeared chasing the bike soon.

Motorcycle returned after being chased.

Hitting a car that had stopped, the man engaged with the crowd.

I have seen it in movies, but I did not think that I would really see a chair to be used as a weapon.

A crowd hitting a huge cardboard box with a man wielding a knife.

The one who tried to escape with the motorcycle also surrounded and smacked.

Ultimately a tremendous number of Mr. Nozomi Maozaki gathered.

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