"FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST" is finally the last round, a period of 9 serial series

It was a long-term series of about nine years on a monthly boys 'gangan'Full Metal Alchemist(Hereinafter "Hagaren") will be in the final round was announced on the June issue of the same issue released on May 12, 2010.

Author Hiroshi ArakawaI did not drop any manuscripts during pregnancy / childbirthAlthough it is known as a steel cartoonist, what kind of expansion do the "Hagaren" climax that has been entertaining readers for many years? I bought this magazine quickly.

Details are as below.Gangan NET - SQUARE ENIX -

I bought a monthly boy shotgun. The front cover is "Hagaren" is one color.

"TV animeAlsoCRY-MAX! Characters are dedicated as thoughtful.

"Hagaren" is occupied by the back cover as well.

As usual it is thick as a phone book class. It is supposed to be spectacular because there is an additional appendix there.

Appendix "Hagaren" with a pencil and clear file.

The last page of the series has a very interesting aori sentence. Try opening 2 pages ahead as it is ... ...

There was a preliminary announcement of the last round with two page pull - out. There are several impressive pieces in the past series, and there is an impressive phrase "June, 2010, an unforgetable end will come".

It is clearly stated as "last round".

There is also a forehand notice on the next announcement page at the end of the book.

It looks like a clock arrives. Although it is said to be "supreme appendix double combo!", Since the other appendix is ​​"Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road II", it does not seem to be a Hagaren combo.

There was also a climax foretelling on the last page by pushing. It is said that July issue of Gangan is June 11 (Friday) release, so please check out the original fan fans.

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