Summary of what Miyazaki's "Foot-and-mouth disease" influences

Foot-and-mouth diseaseHumans do not get infected + Even if humans eat infected cattle and pigs, there is no influence, cattle · pig · sheep · goat · deer is infected, blisters in the mouth and eat food I can not be able to lose my legs due to pain in blisters, and I am weakened, leading to death. When infected you will not eat bait, so meat quality and milk yield will be worse, the monetary value as livestock dramatically decreases. As a result, even if you continue to feed and feed, you will not be able to sell at a high price, let alone deficit. Furthermore, because the infectivity is very strong, it is infected with air and infects livestock of other livestock farmers not only livestock raised at other places but also livestock of other livestock farmers one after another, so for livestock farmers, It is natural that if you leave it alone, it will also affect meat / milk related foods.

So, I summarized what happened and what happened to such situation, what kind of things could be in the future and its influence.

Details are as below.
For the time being, the latest information at the present time is summarized on the following page.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries / Information on foot-and-mouth disease

Miyazaki Prefecture: Information on foot and mouth disease

Livestock related vehicle disinfection point overall map as of May 4 (PDF file: 748 KB), You can see the seriousness of the damage by eye.

If foot-and-mouth disease is confirmed in the first place, let's take a look at what the government will do first in South Korea, what kind of response is usually done. It is a story of April 12, 2010.

APRIL 12, 2010 03: 01
History's first warning alarm in foot and mouth disease, red light for blocking

The government opened an emergency animal quarantine council on 10th and decided to expand the preventive killing done within 500 meters from the outbreak area to 3 km radius from the occurrence area. It is also the first time that the preventive killing has been expanded to 3 kilometers in radius.

The crisis warning concerning livestock diseases is in four stages of "attention - attention - vigilance - serious", and sometimes issued a warning warning when suffering the worst bird flu (AI) in 2008.

The reason for doing the correspondence of this scale at a stretch is high infectious power.

Pigs are more than 3000 times more infectious than the cows in the foot and mouth disease virus.

As a result, the rapid response of the Chinese government is unusual, and we are dealing with the following measures.

APRIL 12, 2010 03: 01
Stop stopping pig, foot and mouth disease, in Ganghwa for the first time in 8 years

For the time being, the government is devoting her full effort to stop the spread of foot and mouth disease virus out of Ganghwa Island. At the two bridges connecting Ganghwa Island and the land, we strictly disinfect, while requesting the restraint of people in other areas to visit Ganghwa Island. We sent a letter of livestock industry, mountains, fishing and tourism related groups "I want you to travel to Ganghwa Island for a while, please forgive me", while requesting each TV station to screen similar subtitles.

Foot - and - mouth disease has occurred at the same time in Korea. In Korea Ganghwa District, 45 medical officials, 750 staff, vehicles carrying 30 cattle and pigs, 20 shovel cars are dispatched to the site, We have disposed of over 25,000 heads. Below are the pictures taken of the disposal at that time.

April 12, 2010 11: 10

For the explanation of how far this foot and mouth disease is emergency, the following news is easy to understand.

2010.04.12 11: 51: 00
Central Journal - [Editorial] Foot-and-foot quarantine network with open holes, countermeasure is urgent

Foot - and - mouth disease has no medicine. On the one hand infectivity is very strong. It is the reason why the International Organization for Animal Health is the highest among 15 malignant infectious diseases class A species. Once it occurs, the export of related products of the relevant country will be strictly limited. Precaution and prevention are more important than anything else. The foot and mouth disease of this time resulted in the pitted quarantine system as it was exposed. The pest control authority that was slightly obstructive when Pocheon's foot and mouth disease came to a close, was stunned.

When the epidemiological investigation is over, the infection route becomes clear, but it is said to be "O" type foot and mouth disease different from Pocheon's "A" type. This is a typical foot and mouth episode occurring every year in Southeast Asia since 2001. Foot-and-mouth disease is transmitted while 70% carries infected livestock products and contaminated items. Overseas trips have been generalized these days, it is the reason why citizens and livestock farmers should not loosen their vigilance. The farmer who had foot-and-mouth disease occurred frequently overseas travel, frequently used feed from China, and the epidemic authorities are investigating the relevance. Therefore, when traveling to a country where FMD spreads, careful attention such as carrying goods and disinfecting shoes is necessary. Carelessness of one person induces major damage. At the same time, foot and mouth disease is not transmitted to people, so it is not prohibited to promote unnecessary fear with regard to food.

Specific things such as how much movement is restricted if it is originally reported as follows.

APRIL 13, 2010 03: 35
"How to do sunny weather ... how can I ..." Go farmer Footsteps and Footsteps of Ganghwa County that shoulder down

Movement of residents is thoroughly controlled in areas where foot-and-mouth disease occurs. On the same day, the reporter had to go through quarantine disinfection three times before entering Kinshichiri, the area where foot and mouth disease first occurred. An official of the Animal Health and Sanitation Prevention Support Headquarters was conducting the spearhead at the control shop. Every time it passed through the packing staff, the control personnel injected disinfectant into the vehicle with a rubber hose for car wash. When entering the contaminated area, the driver surely descends from the car and enters "a booth for one person's disinfection room", and it is supposed to disinfect the whole body.

"Situation officials on the Sengen side was established a" command center for disaster sites ", administrative officials and military police stationed. Many of them are busy moving around with masks, boots and gloves, and a banner stating that "migration and gathering of residents are forbidden, please cooperate" is written everywhere in the town He was raising.

And on April 20 (Tuesday), cattle with high possibility of infecting foot and mouth disease in Miyazaki prefecture has been found for the first time in ten years since 2000.

20 April 2010 12:12
Foot - and - mouth disease: Miyazaki suspicion of three cows Infection - Request for refueling of cattle and pigs - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

According to Miyazaki prefecture, on 9th this month, a veterinarian sent a message to Miyazaki Livestock Health Sanitation Center that there was a cow with a light mouth in the mouth. Animal quarantine staff at the Sanatorium undertook on-site inspection, but it was taken as follow-up because there was one cow with symptoms.

However, on the evening of the 16th, there was a report saying that there were cattle with the same symptoms, so on 17th, the on-site inspection was carried out again. As a result of examining the liquid wiped through the mouth at the Institute of Animal Health (Tokyo), on October 20, I was informed that he was positive by genetic testing. Currently, confirmed diagnosis by virus isolation test is proceeding.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries established the Headquarters for Foot - and - mouth disease control, headed by agriculture minister Hiroaki Akamatsu on February 20, following the confirmation of cattle that seems to have foot and mouth disease in Miyazaki prefecture. Akamatsu said at a meeting after the Cabinet meeting, "I want to take thorough measures so that it does not spread further, it is safe that the cattle infected are not shipped." We will hold a committee of experts on 20th and try to investigate sources of infection and infection route.

Anyway I was afraid of damages caused by rumors, so I decided to take the following measures.

April 20th, 2010 13:19
Foot-and-mouth disease in Miyazaki or 3 Japanese Wagyu in Miyakono-cho For the first time in 10 years / West Japan newspaper

Experts say that eating meat of infected livestock does not affect the human body.

Hideo Tomohiko, who held a press conference, emphasized that "There is also a market inspection, and flesh-infected meat does not spread out in general," and showed a strong sense of vigilance against rumor damage.

Yuji Takano, manager of the "Children's area livestock market" (Shintomi-cho, the same prefecture) said, "The inquiries from purchasers outside the prefecture are quite inherent, the images of Miyazaki's cows are going down and it will not sell I am worried the most, "he said. Kodoyama-shi livestock farmers 'cooperative association decided to cancel the bulls' bidding planned on the 21st and postpone the calf's bid from the 23rd.

Also, we will also take measures to prohibit movement, which is a basic measure.

2010 04/20 23: 15
Miyazaki's cattle suspected of infected with foot-and-mouth disease beef export suspension: South Japan Newspaper area news

On the same day, the prefecture established an epidemic prevention headquarters headed by Higashi Tokugawa governor Hideo Higashihara. The farmer dispose of all 16 cattle raised. They prohibited the transfer of cattle, pigs, raw milk etc. within 10 kilometers from the same farmer and carry out from the same 20 kilometers outside. Both periods are three weeks.
Also, the meat dismantling site and 2 livestock markets in the prohibited area are closed. We started disinfecting feed transport vehicles etc. at four places such as National Highway No. 10 in Hyuga city.
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries took measures to suspend the export of beef.

At this point we already know that there is a sorrowful air on the scene at the coverage below.

April 21, 2010 09:19
Shocked to "Kingdom of Livestock" Impact Foot-and-Mouth Disease Infection at Miyako Town or "Concern about Decline in Trust" Concerning Emergency Meeting Measures Miyazaki / Nishinihon Shimbun

A farm pig male (56) who attended the meeting said, "Pigs can not be shipped to be born every day, I want to get rid of the regulation as soon as possible by suppressing infection." A man of livestock industry (61) also said, "I remembered ten years ago, I do not know what impact it will have on rumor, I am worrying again," a dark expression. At the same time, "I want you to inform me that eating meat does not affect health".

Okuno Fumimi, councilor of Konoyama-shi animal husbandry agricultural cooperative association (Shintomita) said, "Although I would like you to stop early, Medo does not stand, as time goes by, the calf's age changes and the evaluation goes down, Damage to farmers is great, "he said. Regarding the impact on the market as well, "It is when the price we were struggling finally got upwards ... I am afraid that the confidence of Miyazaki beef will be diminished."

Below are pictures of JA officials who pack actual disinfection work and disinfectant chemicals.

Prefectural officials who conduct disinfection work at Mochida Takababachi

JA staff who bags sterilizing chemicals to distribute to farmers

However, 6 more cattle suspected of infection are found in the district about 60 kilometers away.

2010/04/21 11:39
Six new cows suspected of foot-and-mouth disease Farmers in Miyazaki prefecture - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

The source of the infection was unknown, rice straw imported from China which had been prevalent before Miyazaki from FMD was suspected, but since it is being processed before exporting, it is difficult to think as a source of infection .

April 21, 2010
Suspected infection of foot and mouth disease in second case in Miyazaki, six heads of cattle in Kawanami-cho: Weekly News: From Kyushu: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

According to the prefecture, the two farmers used Chinese rice straw purchased from different import agencies as baits. Straw stated that it is fumigated before export, so it is hard to think that it is a source of infection.

A third case will be found in a farmhouse that is 400 meters away.

2010/04/21 - 23: 42
Current affairs dot com: Foot and foot quarantine 3rd case = found in Miyazaki cattle

It was the third case this time and it was found in a farmhouse of about 400 meters north from a farmhouse in the same town as the second one. The prefecture plans to kill 118 cattle raised by this farmer.

The state of Miyazaki prefecture officials entering livestock farmers newly doubted as foot and mouth disease is as follows.

Miyazaki prefecture officials entering livestock farmers who newly found cows suspected of foot-and-mouth disease (at 2:40 pm on Monday, Miyazaki prefecture Kawanami-cho)

Rice straw is again a source of infection at this point again? The doubt re-emerged.

April 22, 2010 0:36 (Asahi Shimbun): The third case of mouth-to-mouth quarantine in Miyazaki 3rd 2nd case Near farm - Society

According to the prefecture, it is said that 2 farms out of 3 farms had given Chinese diet of the same supplier, the prefecture sees "there is a possibility of feed as a source".

One of two farms in Miyakonocho and Kawanami Town was using the same supplier's feed. It is said that it was bought from a dealer in Miyazaki prefecture with rice straw from China. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, rice straw imported from China is supposed to be imported only in heat-treated areas produced in areas where foot and mouth disease has not occurred.

In addition, compensation is given to cattle etc. which were killed in this way, but the amount of money is said to be as follows.

April 22, 2010 00:32
Containment desperate effort Miyazaki · mouth-and-foot quarantine landpo / West Japan newspaper

Shunichi Goto, deputy principal of the prefectural agricultural college (Takanabe-cho) who was instructed at the headquarters of the same town, said, "Although compensation is given to livestock who has been disposed of, in domestic animal infectious disease prevention law, , Quasi-affected animals four-fifths ". "Everything is not compensated, and the economic damage of farmers is great," he said.

Therefore, JA Bank will set up a loan service counter.

Nippon Agricultural Newspaper - Establishment of consultation desk Assistance by farmers through loans / Support for farms JA Bank

In response to the fact that Miyazaki prefecture found a cow suspected of having infected foot-hoofed epidemic, JA Bank established a system to respond to loan consultations from affected livestock farmers and meat disposers. In addition to responding with JA in the prefecture, JA Miyazaki Shitennu established a consultation window with the Norinchukin Bank.

In response to this situation, three National Assembly members elected Miyazaki prefecture and their nationalities want financial support for livestock farmers and securing disinfectants nationally lacking.

April 22, 2010 13:48
Farm support request for foot-and-mouth disease problem Miyazaki election Parliament / West Japan newspaper

According to Mr. Kawamura et al., Livestock farmers nationwide have purchased disinfectants for self-defense and there is a shortage of antiseptics at the site. Agriculture minister Akamatsu said, "Financial support is effective for the moment, and taking measures to raise harmful rumors as well, taking countermeasures" as opposed to requests for mitigation of loan conditions, as the impact on the production of swine and other products is also spreading He said.

At this point we have posted articles to speculate about the infection route again.

April 22, 2010
Foot-and-mouth disease: Suspected in Kawanami-cho Prefecture, examining financial support Establishment of consultation desk to livestock farmers / Miyazaki - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Foot - and - mouth disease infected with virus. Even when three infections were confirmed in Miyazaki City and Takaoka Town (then) in 2000, it was not possible to identify the cause. Feed and person movement, wind. One of the possibilities is imported rice and wheat straw. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests suspended the import of rice straws produced in China in 2005 due to foot-and-mouth infestation in China, but was canceled in 2007.

According to the Institute of Animal Health, foot and mouth disease frequently occurred from last year to this year in China, occurred in January this year in Korea.

Meanwhile, JA Miyazaki Economic Federation restricts feed rice straws handled to domestic production "I want to be cautious from the experience of foot and mouth disease". However, the domestic production is lacking in quantity and the price is also high. It is also a reality that farmers have to use imported rice straw.

In this way, the three countries of Korea, China and Japan became emergency due to foot and mouth disease. Especially, China is due to the wide national land, what "every year" foot and mouth disease is occurring.

APRIL 23, 2010 02: 24
China diffuses throughout the continent, Japan infects 3 cattle at the same time on China, China and China

Foot - and - mouth disease is occurring every year in China where foot - and - mouth disease is occurring in more than 80% of 31 provincial cities. It has occurred for the first time in the Wegle district of Xinjiang Self-Governing District in January and has occurred one after another in continents such as Haining, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi and so on.

Two more will be found while doing so.

April 22, 2010 21:19
Foot - and - mouth disease: Cows suspected to be infected, two newly discovered 14 heads Miyazaki - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

April 23, 2010
Four cases of suspected infection of foot and mouth disease, two new heads in Kawanami: Weekly news: From Kyushu: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

The prefecture decides the land for reclaiming, and 65 farmers breeding this farmer are disposed of.

When I looked it up, I heard that the syringe will inject the medicine and kill the cow. Livestock farmers seem to be in a state of rather painful because they have to kill what they have brought up so hard.

In addition, the influence on livestock farmers in particular is enormous, and it will become serious from here on and on. It takes about 20,000 yen per month to maintain one head, so it is necessary to go out to the bid constantly, but that can not be done. Also, even if even a single patient is suspected of infection, the total amount of damage will be enormous because it will be a total head disposition to prevent further infection.

2010 04/23 11: 06
Miyazaki mouth hoof Question Animal husband farmers concerned about raising expenses at postponement of bidding Pigs also prevention of epidemic / Kagoshima Prefecture within: South Japan Newspaper area news

Hiroyuki Ochiai (42), a breeding cattle farmer who plans to ship calves in May, to the Aira central market (Kirishima-shi) = city, is worried about the cost increase due to the expansion of influence. "It costs about 20,000 yen per month, including bait fee and utility fee, etc. While saying the future of the market is not visible, saying that Aira also postponed, I am afraid that I can not recover the cost."
The postponement of the bid to the fattening cattle farmer who buys calves also casts a shadow. Hatake Kubo ranch (Ibusuki city) was planning to purchase more than 20 heads in the central market on Sunday, 25-28, but it is likely to be empty in the barn with postponement. Kamakubo Osaka president (68) said, "Although it is not good for efficiency, it is inevitable to think about the risk of illness," expects early restart.
Currently, only cattle are suspected of infection, but pig farmers also strengthen the prevention of water pollution at the border. Mr. Katsuyoshi Furui (39) who raises about 300 heads in Satsuma Kawachi-shi cleansed in and out vehicles with a power injector and puts lime on the farm more than usual. "It's horrible just thinking about it if it happens in a micro enterprise like you"

And finally, what was previously "suspicion of infection" will change to "final".

April 23, 2010 11:41
Foot-and-mouth disease: infection is confirmed for the first time in 10 years domestic - daily (Mainichi Shimbun)

2010/04 / 23-11: 56
Current affairs dot com: Miyazaki's first case, Foot - and - mouth disease settlement = Expansion of farmer support measures - Akamatsu Agriculture Minister's Minister

2010.4.23 12: 39
Miyazaki's foot-and-mouth disease is the same type as Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Korea, O type virus confirmation - Sankei Biz (Sankei Biz)

The one confirmed here is about the one that was doubtful at the very beginning. This type of foot-and-mouth disease is the same type "O type" as Korea (one out of seven types in total,It infects both cattle and pigsIt was a type). Domestic animals suspected of foot and mouth are increasingly being discovered from here.

2010/04/23 23:42
Two cows also positively reacted from specimens at the end of March as a result of doubtless examinations - 47 NEWS (Yona no News)

It is a farmhouse that has not been discovered so far, it corresponds to the fifth and sixth cases.

April 24, 2010 0:14
Foot-and-mouth disease: Cow and buffalo with strong doubt found 5, 6 cases ... Miyazaki - every day jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Since the infected route is not identified and the human beings themselves also move viruses of foot and mouth disease, various events will be discontinued one after another.

April 25, 2010 13: 6 minutes
Foot and Mouth Disease: Four surrounding prefectures Influencing bidding and organizing discontinuation Kyushu - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

In Miyazaki prefecture, "Toronto Ron Goto City" (sponsored by the town commerce and industry association) on 25th will be canceled on Kawanamachi where a cow with a possibility of infection was found, selling the mountain seafoods on a truck. "Food and agriculture festival 2010" scheduled to be held on 24th and 25th at Miyazaki City · Seagaia by Mr. Miyazaki Economic Commission was canceled because staff were dispatched by epidemic measures. The person in charge of the economy official said, "I wanted to hold it because of such times, but I am sorry."

In Kagoshima prefecture, the bidding in the adult cattle market etc from 21 to 25 days was canceled, and Kagoshima City decided to cancel "city agriculture, forestry and fisheries spring festival" planned on May 9. The Executive Committee also canceled the "Buddha (Shaka) Festival" scheduled to be held on 28 and 29 Shibushi City in Miyazaki Prefecture border for the reason of infection prevention.

Besides this, bids such as beef cattle scheduled for 24 to 28 days in Oita, Kumamoto and Saga were canceled.

A seventh example appears.

April 25, 2010
Confirmed seventh case of suspected FMD infection - News in prefecture - miyanichi e press

In this seventh example, we will make the largest disposal ever at this time.

April 25, 2010 at 19:36 (Asahi Shimbun): 725 cows, died in the mouth for slaughter, the largest ever Miyazaki - Society

On Monday, Miyazaki prefecture reported that a positive reaction indicating suspicion of infection with foot and mouth disease was found in 4 of the 725 cattle kept on the farm in Kawamanami Town, Announced. 725 will be killed after 26th. Suspected cases of infection have been confirmed one after another in the same town or adjacent municipal town, but the seventh case this time is the largest scale. There were 1108 cattle and pigs that were slaughtered and it was the largest scale that greatly exceeded past examples.

When coming so far it is difficult to completely suppress damage damage and it is discovered that there is a supermarket who did extraordinary things.

2010/04/26 13:21
Inappropriate display with foot-and-mouth disease removed from "Miyazaki non-use" poster pull-off - 47 NEWS (Yona no news)

A question that Miyazaki prefecture found a cow suspected of infecting the foot-and-mouth disease of viral infection one after another, Kyushu agricultural agency investigated about 930 shops such as Kyushu's meat shop and supermarket, and as a result, one Miyazaki There is an inappropriate placement paper saying "We do not use production," revealed that we had asked for removal.

Naturally it is not infected by humans, and livestock subject to foot - and - mouth disease is killed and will not be on the market. Furthermore, when foot and mouth disease occurs, it will not be possible to export meat of livestock. Therefore, the following situation has also occurred.

April 27, 2010 15:16 JST
Domestic / economic / blowing beef export stops NY high-class restaurant / The Wall Street Journal, Japan Online Edition -

The Japanese government stopped exporting beef last week because domestic cattle infected with foot and mouth disease of viral infection was found. This means that the famous luxury beef with flavor and texture, high price becomes difficult to obtain abroad.

The chefs are crying for the loss of beef meat, which was offered at a handful of high-end restaurants in New York and sometimes referred to as "Kobe". Mr. Oscar Martinez, chef at Old Homestead Steak House in Manhattan said, "We are buying beef from Japanese suppliers, which is a famous restaurant for Kobe beef and its impact will be great.Kobe beef is popular menu There are regular customers and Japanese customers who visit to eat this, "he said.

There is only a small proportion of beef with meat in the US imported beef. According to Mr. Brett Stewart, a partner at Global Agriturez, a research firm in Denver, last year's US imported beef amounted to 863,886 tons, including 141 tons of beef meat, 5.9 million dollars (about 550 million yen ).

Mr. Physon predicts that if the virus infection is small, Japan's export suspension period will be three to six months. There is a possibility that the demand of meat of US cattle and Australian cattle multiplied with Wagyu be increased may be called hope.

On the other hand, Martinez claims that only Japanese beef meat can be used. Asked if there is a possibility of substituting Japanese beef with other domestic beef meat during the period of Japan's export suspension, "Such meat is terrible, it is not comparable with Japanese."

As economic damage gradually increases, Miyazaki prefecture Governor Togawa Tomohiro, Nakamura Koichi prefectural assembly chairperson, Mr. Shoji Haneda of the JA Miyazaki central council meet directly with the farmers of Hiroaki Akamatsu and tell the request To

April 28, 2010
Request for farmers' budgetary measures etc Governor in foot and mouth disease - - miyanichi e press

Up to this point it was "cow", but from here it will finally spread to infect "pig".

April 27, 2010 23:48
Pigs with symptoms similar to foot-and-mouth disease, Miyazaki's Livestock Experiment Station Branch: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

Unlike "cattle 's foot - and - mouth disease disease", the "pig - foot - and - mouth disease" has a tremendous increase in the probability of infection.

April 28, 2010 at 1: 24 (Asahi Shimbun): also killing 486 pigs Foot-and-mouth disease of Miyazaki, waiting for test results - Society

Experts call "attention to spreading infection of pigs as strong viral growth power in the body".

According to the prefecture, some pigs killed because of livestock suspected to be infected on the same farm, but this is the first time that pigs showed signs of infection suspected.

Miyazaki University Associate Professor Michio Sueyoshi (Animal Health Sciences) said that "pigs are generally less likely to be infected with foot and mouth disease, but once infected, the proliferative power of the virus in the body is 100 times to 1000 times that of cattle, It also increases the possibility of spreading, "he called for attention.

Furthermore, suspected cases of infection are confirmed outside the restricted area that was set to prevent infection, and it is 70 km away from the first infection case, and the strength of the infectious power reaffirts again.

2010/04 / 28-12: 24
Current affairs dot com: First confirmation outside the restricted area = Foot and Mouth Disease, 10 cases including pigs - Miyazaki

This farm is about 70 kilometers away from the farm in Miyakonocho where the suspected infection was confirmed on the 20th in a straight line distance. It is the first time that suspected infection was found outside the area (20 kilometers radius) restricting the export of domestic animals set by the prefecture.

It is hard to convey how much trouble is occurring, but the site has already become a scene of shitting up to this point, and it rushes into a state which is not exaggeration to say indeed even an emergency.

Nippon Norikoshin Shimbun - Foot and Mouth Disease Occurs 1 Week / Containment Holds Dead Macro, Diffused Treatment

The culprit in the seventh case suspected to be infected is almost complete, but the color of the fatigue of the people concerned is increasing day by day. Issues such as not being able to carry out manure to farmers within the movement restricted area have also come up.

"About one-third of office workers, about 40 people are hitting epidemic work everyday, the staff of the agriculture, forestry and fishery department has not had much sleeping time in a week." Officials in Kawanami Town, where foot and mouth disease has continued, talk about the state of hard work.

The state of spraying disinfectants on light trucks is covered below with photos, but it certainly seems to be tough.

April 29, 2010 01: 02
"It is no less than 70 kilometers ..." suspected of foot-and-mouth infection in Ebino city Cattle livestock farmers uneasy expression / Nishinippon Shimbun

Two more cases of infection occurred in Miyazaki prefecture.

April 29, 2010 at 12: 43
Miyazaki two more to foot and mouth disease, to the disposal of 50 dairy cows: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

I can understand how hard the concerned parties at the time when more than one week has elapsed since the first case with the following coverage.

April 29, 2010
Foot and Mouth Disease: No doubt on Ebino "Masaka" Shock to pregnant livestock producers / Miyazaki - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Endoru Takenobu (56) of the JA Ozu pig farming party (38 houses) said, "Eboshi cows are suspected of infection, even in the city of Ebino, a cow that is suspected to be infected has appeared, I am worried about what is going to happen and panic," and " From the morning the phone such as "I can not ship, if it can not be shipped, it will not have a month" will be ringing from the morning.The economic loss is immeasurable, "he said.

Kazuyoshi Eto (65), a meat breeding cow subcommittee (362 houses), said, "I do not feel comfortable with anxiety, first of all with mental care first." Mr. Masakazu Kono · Mayor of Miyako asked that "not only loans but also economic losses are close to 100% support". A voice calling for a cooperation request from the Self Defense Force due to disinfection etc also rose.

And the twelfth case, the crisis of collapse of key industries.

April 30, 2010 at 12: 19
Foot - and - mouth disease: Miyazaki 's 12th case newly confirmed in Kawanami - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)

1429 breds are slaughtered. The 12th case, including suspicion, was confirmed for FMD infection.

In this way infections will spread one after another, so the bidding cities will be stopped one after the other, and the means of income will be lost as a result.

April 30, 2010 at 8:44 pm
Farmer's support measures by foot-and-mouth disease epidemic Kyushu, discontinuation of fighting battle succession social nation news: Fukui newspaper

The local JA Ozu (Kawanami Town), as a "Urgent Bridge Fund to be Restarted", independently raised 300,000 yen for each bull and 200,000 yen for a cow to farmers who could not be shipped Lending with no interest. The prefecture's seven livestock markets decided to postpone cows and swine fights in May.

In Oita prefecture, postponement of the calf's bid that was scheduled in Takeda-shi and Kusu-cho on May 11-13. About 1,200 cattle that were scheduled to be shipped, the prefecture took over the interest (2.95% per annum) of loans from JA (up to 300,000 yen per head) so that farmers who were unable to ship will be bothered by cash flow .

Because the infection does not fit at all, dissatisfaction will gradually begin to erupt.

May 1, 2010 Foot and Mouth Disease "Life Problem" / Aftermaths - My Town Kagoshima

"The sense of crisis is too much". Takashi Uemura (59), 35 years of pig farming history, said he feels the movement of concerned organizations over foot and mouth disease. "It has been occurring one after another in China, Korea and other countries since last year, so that the administration, industry, and region should have come together as soon as possible"
Pig farms are full of exclusive farmers, if foot and mouth disease is prevalent, it can cause a serious blow. "Unlike cattle, swine gives birth twice a year, about 10 animals per birth, it will not be sold if it is placed in a restricted area of ​​movement and discharge, and the number of breeding people will increase and we will embrace" inventory "."
Yoshio Kitano, manager of prefectural animal husbandry department, said, "Infection with pigs was one of the worst scenarios." Pigs with higher breeding density than cattle are said to have the possibility that if the infected pigs are infected once, the propagation speed will be fast and the damage will be enormous.

Regarding disinfection to prevent infection, not only usual disinfectant but also "vinegar" is used, desperation is transmitted.

Nippon Nakagyo Shimbun - Vinegar Use Countermeasure Documentation Mailing, Calls / Miyazaki · JA Ozu [Kyushu · Okinawa】

We diluted edible vinegar diluted 1000 times and scatter it, we decided to mail the document as cheap and safe measures can be taken.

We also distributed an article copy of "Viral Destruction by Acid" posted on the Japan Agricultural Newspaper dated April 29. Director Mr. Kazuaki Matsuura, director of JA Livestock Division, says, "Since livestock dislikes the smell of antiseptic solution, it is inevitable that it can not be sprayed on the inner walls of the barn or the feeding station by all means, and if it is vinegar it can also be used for livestock faces and tanks, prices It is also cheap. "

Even if it says simply as culling, simply because it takes time and people to do so, as well as other measures to prevent infection spreading, absolutely there is not enough manpower, and finally it is time to send a request to the SDF .

2010.5.1 17: 54
Miyazaki prefecture, thirteenth case confirmation also requested dispatching to GSDF in foot and mouth disease - MSN Sankei News

Miyazaki Prefecture Governor Higashikoku Hara said on Friday that a foot and mouth disease occurred in the prefecture and asked the Ground Self Defense Force for disaster relief. According to GSDF, about 100 people are dispatched from the Miyakonojo garrison (Miyakonojo City, the same prefecture) to fill and fill livestock slaughtered according to the Livestock Infectious Disease Prevention Law, and also conduct disinfection activities.

Of course, as soon as this time elapses, disinfectants will start to run short.

May 2, 2010 19:11 (Asahi Newspaper): shortage of antiseptic drugs for foot-and-mouth disease pending waiting in various parts of Kyushu - society

Foot - and - mouth disease virus is weak against acid and alkali, chlorine type disinfectant, sodium carbonate, slaked lime etc are used for disinfection.

According to Oita prefecture, disinfectant ordered is not available immediately because it is imported from Europe. In addition, because importing companies assign priorities according to the number of livestock, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Kumamoto prevail and are in the following order.

In order to prepare this article of this time, I got a considerable number of news, but from around the time some suspicious cases in Miyazaki came out from now on, places where livestock production is becoming the core industry especially in each prefecture, In the vicinity of Miyazaki prefecture, there are many movements to secure chemicals for disinfection in advance, and it seems that the product is in short supply condition as it is gone quickly.

Another 15 cases.

May 2, 2010 21:35
Suspect of foot-and-mouth disease infection, three new cows ... Miyazaki: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

The prefecture will kill 299 pigs and 424 cattle cared for by farmers. Fifteen cases were confirmed infected with foot-and-mouth disease in the prefecture, and suspicion came out.

The livestock who killed at this point9015 headsTo But thinking about the future, we decided to kill more.

May 4, 2010 19:25
In Miyazaki to dispose of 10,800 pigs in pigs Found suspected of FMD infection / Nishinippon Shimbun

Cow, water buffalo, pigs that were subject to disposal, including those already disposed of, total about 20,770.

The transportation truck of the pig which is subject to disinfection is like this.

Transportation truck of pigs to be disinfected (at Sahara-cho, Miyazaki city)

Governor Togawa Hara said "I think it may be good to declare an emergency. I feel like I'm in a fight without end"It seems that there is still a situation that is unpredictable yet, and immediately after thisCow, water buffalo, pigs subject to slaughter total a total of 39,985It has become.

However, at this stage, some hypothesis about the infection route finally came out.

May 6, 2010 21:14
Foot and Mouth Disease: Possibility of propagation in people, vehicles ... Chairperson of the Expert Committee - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)

Ken Tahara, chairman of the Kagoshima prefectural livestock products hygiene guidance association, endorsed the press as saying, "The spread of virus caused by wind is unlikely and it is difficult to deny propagation by people and vehicles." .

As a reason, Tahara said that the second consecutive episode in the vicinity of the first occurrence was stopped up to the seventh case, the subsequent place of occurrence was a little far away, and there was a livestock farmer between the two, "Wind We do not completely deny it, but we are jumping the middle. "

Mr. Masahiko Yamada, the farming agriculture minister, said at the press conference this morning, "It happens in cattle and pigs at the entrance of the barns, it is a feeling that it is being propagated through people." In addition, Yamada farming agriculture showed an idea to contain containment by thoroughly implementing current anti-epidemic measures.

On May 7, the infection further expanded, the object to be killed finally exceeded 40,000.

2010/05/07 01:36
Fresh oral doubt at 12 new places / Miyazaki, totaling 10,000 animals | National news | Shikoku Shimbun

Miyazaki Prefecture announced on July 7 that 12 farmers in Kawanami-cho, the same prefecture, had found 6 cows suspected of having infected foot and mouth disease and 13 pigs. There were 35 farmers and facilities in the prefecture where livestock suspected of infection was issued. The prefecture plans to dispose of 184 cattle raised by these farmers and 1723 pigs, and total of about 47,900 subjects to be disposed of so far.

May 7, 2010
Disposal by doubtful dictatorship, to the worst ever 44,000 headaches: Weekly News: From Kyushu: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)

In the pig house, veterinarians and town officials dressed in white protective clothing put out pigs out of the pig house, kill them with medicine or gas, they say they are burying in the holes.

After the first case was confirmed in the neighboring municipality (two) town on April 20, it put a thorough attitude such as spraying the disinfectant liquid to the pig house every hour, but it could not prevent me. Employee men said, "It takes at least a year to ship even when resuming breeding, even if we receive no financing, we can not repay it even if we receive a loan, in which case the town's livestock industry will be destroyed."

In addition, as a reason why this matter is not taken up much in TV news etc., the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries'Since coverage at the work site may cause spread of the disease, we ask for your cooperation so that we refrain from rigorously.Therefore, it seems that it is difficult for the camera to enter, and it is hard to get a report because "It can not shoot the video" or "I can not take a picture".

By the way, on the net, this problem started to be perceived rapidly from around consecutive holidays, and it has become the reaction like the following, and it is a tendency to strike the government on Vishi Bashi.

May 2, 2010 21: 26
2-chan South Korea News: 【Miyazaki】 Liberal Democratic Party, Applying for Democratic Government on Foot and Mouth Disease Control "Why the Minister of Agriculture and Fishery is Outdoor" "The site is confused,

Measures against infection of the current government 'Foot - and - mouth disease' understood by "15 lines" - The Hatoyama administration can not guarantee "food safety"! - esu-kei_text

2010-05-06 03:00
Foot-and-mouth disease "Unimaginable scale" "Emergency declaration" also targeted to 34,000 subjects: Hamster bulletin

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