【Reading notes】 Culling of cows infected with foot and mouth disease and photographic materials after infection

ByEduardo Amorim

alreadySummary of what Miyazaki's "Foot-and-mouth disease" influencesBut as I wrote, concerning the case of this time there is a possibility that the news media will enter the area, and this time there is a possibility of spreading through Japan through the reporters, it is difficult to enter a news camera, Although it is an outrageous scale event that kills more than 40,000 livestock in the country, it is being swept away more frequently (because it can not be news unless there is no picture on TV). For that reason, it is very difficult to tell how hard it is actually happening.

So, I tried collecting photographs on the state of slaughter when foot and mouth disease occurred in England, and what kind of symptoms the cattle and pig infected with foot and mouth disease occur. I think that recognition of the current situation will deepen.

Incidentally,Since it is only shocking images, please do all your reading at self-responsibility.Details are as below.
First of all in case of foot and mouth disease in the UK.

Foot and mouth disease outbreak: EU bans import of British livestock | Mail Online

In the foot and mouth disease that occurred in the UK in 2001, emergency measures for the initial movement of the government were bad, we killed 6 million cows.

This is foot-and-mouth disease occurred in the UK in 2007. Place to carry cow slaughtered.

Cows that are being incinerated to prevent the spread of infection.

I buried a cow that had been killed by digging a hole.

Place the cows that died because they were infected with foot-and-mouth disease

Then, when actually infected with foot and mouth disease, what kind of symptoms will occur in cattle and pigs?Photographic materials provided by Miyazaki Prefecture(PDF file: 522 KB) Let's see. It is what is offered to say so as to contact you immediately when confirming such symptoms.

Water blister in the mouth (early symptoms)

Water blisters in the mouth

Large amounts of drool

In the case of pigs

Pig's water blisters

Nasal blisters

Tear of the blisters in the hoof

Water blisters in the hoof

Besides that, there are various images on the following pages, but none of these also contain pretty shocking contents, but this is the reality.

AVIS - Image Library

FMD ageing of lesions - Eufmd

By the way, the final diagnosis as to whether foot-and-mouth disease is whether or not at the moment is what the animal health research institute below is doing.

Talk: About foot and mouth disease

Based on the "Guideline on Specific Animal Infectious Disease Control for Foot and Mouth Disease" at the National Institute of Health Annual Research of Agriculture and Food Industry, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Animals Institute of Agriculture and Food Industry, It is. Since all the inspection results are reported to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, please take a look at it, including the correspondence.

The reason why foot-and-mouth disease is not infected by humans and can eat meat of infected cattle and pigs is said why they are killing, but if you leave it, let's leave the livestock that became symptomatic like the picture above is painful Because we can not eat the bait, it is getting worse and weaker and the quality of the livestock does not go down and the milk does not go out, so the cost of breeding exceeds the price sold, resulting in a loss It is because it does.

In addition, foot-and-mouth disease has strong infectivity enough to allow air infection and droplet infection, livestock is raised in a dense state, so if one infects, other domestic animals will infect quickly, It will annihilate. In the case of calves, it dies with a probability of 99%. As a result, when foot and mouth disease occurs, it becomes a big deficit and there are also cases where you go out of business.

If you kill the slaughtered meat for edible use, a tremendous amount of edible meat will be generated and will not be consumed. Then, the price falls in the market as a whole, and damage will expand to places unrelated to foot and mouth disease. Therefore, although it is very wasteful and also miserable, it is the current situation that livestock infected with foot-and-mouth disease can only be destroyed ....

In addition, as a more realistic thing, there is a vaccine in foot and mouth disease, but it seems that it can not be used for the following reasons.

FMD occurred in the 96th Miyazaki Zoonosis(About the matters of 10 years ago, it is the contents of the primate forum conducted on April 19, 2000)

In the case of virus infection, it is common sense to use an effective vaccine to prevent the epidemic, but it is not easy in the case of foot and mouth disease. It is supposed that disease has not occurred in countries where vaccines are not used as a condition that OIE considers as a FMD country. Monitoring foot and mouth disease depends on antibody surveillance. It is impossible to distinguish whether a bovine vaccinated vaccine is an antibody by infection or an antibody by a vaccine. Even if it is suspected to occur, this can also be avoided as an antibody by vaccine.
It is necessary to keep the position of the Qing Purge State to destroy all animals on the farm where it occurred without using the vaccine if it is localized outbreak like this time. If vaccination is done in the vicinity of the occurrence area, it is conditioned that there is no disease for 3 months after all the vaccine vaccinated cattle have disappeared. Once you use the vaccine, it takes a great deal of time and effort to return to a clean country. Even with an effective vaccine, the vaccine can not be used easily from the viewpoint of protection of livestock.

The reality seems to be quite severe.

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