Various photographers of real yoga masters in India

It is said that it travels through India and has a history from about 2,500 BC, the practice method of ancient India's birthplaceYoga (Yoga)Mastering a yoga master who is feeling like a fantasy like a so-calledSadhuIt is a picture.

In Japan, there is a feeling that yoga has established as a general health law, but indeed it seems that practitioners in India are doing very severe training.

Details are as below.Time Of Fun | Yoga Masters

My feet are also amazing, but I also care about the length of my hair.

Powerful paint

It is one piece whose dignity is transmitted

Atmosphere that everything is training

It looks like a badly old picture, but when was it taken around?

I only see it as a sennin.

The difficulty of training becomes well transmitted

Yoga Master feels enlightenment

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