A mysterious yoga master grandma appears on the street

A mysterious yoga master who will be over 80 years old on China's street appeared, it seems that it became a little talk. At first it was exercise to show that the body was soft a little, but it was that it gradually escalated.

Pictures of the yoga master are as follows.
High-tech old town? High-level work scenery Yu-ga -? Haha ?? - ??? ward -

This is a mysterious yoga master. I can only understand that my age is over 80 years old, why suddenly appeared on the road seems like a mystery.

First of all, the preparation movement.

Even with this alone you can see that the body is soft enough,

I started praying with the back and legs sticking perfectly. People who were on the street were amazed at this.

I calm down as if I fell asleive.

People around me also try to imitate.

It seems that eventually it seemed like a yoga classroom.

Yoga · master may be appearing somewhere today as well.

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