"PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2015" who gathered up only the supernatural supernatural movies

We gathered human-separated supernatural movies released on YouTube and Facebook · Instagram in 2015 and summarized it in about 4 minutesPEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2015"is. There are amazing contents packed, such as manga and dunk shoots and bike skills and jumping techniques that are likely to appear in movies.


People who are sweet and sweet.

Suddenly, thinking that a man in front jumped ......

Kurarin and dancing in the sky ... ...

I will fall toward the pond.

I opened a parachute when the ground approached.

This man puts one foot on each of two chairs and performs weight lifting while gradually spreading its legsShow raging.

Men in basketball. I jumped high, I decided to decide a dunk shot ... ...

Tread the goal with your feet.

Run up the goal table further ... ...


And shoot.

From the frontal face of the man who slides the shallow on the board,Another man rushes over..

Vigorously stepping on ... ....

I jumped over men on the board.

The following videoTable tennisIt seems to be a technique.

Open the ball with a splendid ball only on the cap of the plastic bottle.

Under the clear sky, a crystal clear lakeIt is spreading.


It is a picture that seems to be comfortable just by looking at dive into the water.

Subsequently appeared,Upper body naked man.

Grab the pole with both hands and go up as solely with the force of the hand.

It is a movement that does not feel gravity as if it goes up as if it is going up stairs which can not be seen.

In the movie collection, four young women are not disturbedThere was also a beautiful bicycle technique.

The next man ...

Almost not moving the body, on the top of the stacked blocksI caught both hands on both hands.

From there I go up and lift the body ......

Arrived above the height of a man above the likely block.

Although it is a little hard to see, people riding a bicycle come from the back of the screen.

WithDrop a bicycle.

Let it land on the next bicycle.

I left quickly.

Next timeA man running on the roof of a buildingIt is reflected in the figure of.

Jump all the way ......

I landed in a splendid building next door.

A mistake one step can lead to a serious accident.

In skateboardMale.

I thought if I jumped swiftly ... ...

High jump at awesome leg strength.

And then landed again on the skateboard.

In acrobatic postureMen and women challenging surfingAlso the figure of.

Men in front of cars rushingStandstill, It seems that accidents are about to happen.

However, I jumped with a light body and avoided my car.

The batter's position is somewhatI feel like I'm misaligned..

When the ball comes in, reverse the body ... ...

A stunning back hit.

This is on the roof of the buildingA man trying to advance.

A person is drowning! And I think ...

Raise your hands ...

Cirling and rotation.

Clearly kayakI let water come in..

This child ......

Show up luck.

Landing has also been decided. While being two years old, he has acquired a variety of physical techniquesAraIt was Kun.

Another man seems to be leaping behind a man who would be bigger by one head than he is.

There is no conflict between the two men ... ...

Without touching the opponent at all,Successfully jumping over.

Next, I wonder if she will show off the surfing storm ... ...

Hoverboard to the airI will soar.

A man running up the slope with a bicycle and a sneaky man standing in front of it for some reason.

When the biker jumps up ...

It is said that the tire is applied only to the place where the male's stomach pushed upShow off a mysterious technique.

Next time we jump up ten people lined up in a rowA man trying to jump over. It seems like I'm going to step on someone as I go, but ...

I will stretch my legs.

And, without anyone stepping on, it is a splendid landing.

Jump off a two-story buildingReckless challengeAlso.

This boy is clownCome on swing... ....


I landed on my bicycle straight.

A man who jumps high with Pyo. I wonder if you are on the trampoline ... ...

It was jumping over a rope.

No matter how high it jumps up ... ...

Finally we will land on the rope.

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