A woman's dead body that has limbs tied from inside the river is found

It seems that a dead body of a woman whose both hands were tied at both hands was found under a bridge in the city of Loudi (China) in Hunan Province, China. It is now unclear why the way the limbs are tied is abnormal, why it was discovered from the river in this state.

Pictures of the site are as follows.

Attention is necessary because shocking images are also included
The scene on the scene is awesome.

There are also many people on the bridge.

Everyone is looking at the river.

The figure of a person was visible from the river.

You can see the picture from here on from the following. Incidentally,Be careful as it will be a shocking image.
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Although detailed information has not been announced, it seems that there are also some witnesses saying "It might have been a mannequin" because it was bound too strangely.

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