A movie closer to the breeders of black mysterious chicken 'Ayam Semani' is released to the bones

In Indonesia black meat and bones "Ayam SemaniThere is a mysterious chicken. About the charm of Ayam Semani, a movie that its breeders talk hotly is being released on YouTube.

This Chicken is Entirely Black, From Beak to Bone - YouTube

Ayam Semani is not only feathers and horseshoe, but also bones and meat, chicken that almost 100% of the body is black.

The color of the feet is black.

Mr. Wira Kusuma, a man who dressed in a black shirt himself, is a breeder of Ayam Semani.

Kusuma lives in West Java province of Indonesia. It is a peaceful place where the countryside continues.

In a residential area wrapped in green ... ...

There was Ayam Semani.

"I was very surprised when I first saw Ayam Semani and immediately got interested in" How can I get it ", Kusuma says.

"I was listening to the story of a black chicken since I was a child, but I have not seen it."

Kusuma has a bucket with food.

Feed is contained in this way inside.

After I became an adult, I saw Ayam Semani and after that I got three Ayam Semani from the acquaintance.

Ayam Semani is black for melanin pigment, the more melanin pigment, the more chickens turn black. The price per bird will depend on the quality, but if it is a high grade the price will be as high as 700 to 1400 dollars (about 75,000 yen to 150,000 yen).

It is said that a mysterious existence will bring luck, peace of mind and prosperity to the owner of Ayam Semani.

Kusuma says he feels a connection with a pet Ayam Semani. When Kusuma is sick or feeling stress, Ayam Semani will not eat anything under stress as well, and when Kusuma feels happiness, Ayam Semani will also be happy.

I carefully wash your body.

"As an Indonesian, I am very proud of this, so I am concentrating on concentrating on Ayam Semani," Kusuma said.

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