Revealed the real situation of a terrifying ranch management raising to animals of "mutation" to kill by hunting

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In South Africa hunters shoot and kill wild animals such as lions and nuis "Cand / HuntingThere is a sport of sports, which is a big industry with a billion dollar (about 120 billion yen) scale. Although it is a candlestick hunting criticized globally from the viewpoint of animal protection, among others, the existence of a special game that makes rich people "hunt" rare individuals arising from mutation with an exceptional amount is revealed.

In South Africa, Ranchers Are Breeding Mutant Animals to Be Hunted | Bloomberg Business - Business, Financial & Economic News, Stock Quotes

In general, sports that hunt wild animals and peel off their skin or make them stucco is "Trophy Hunting"In Europe and the United States it is actively carried out historically. In South Africa, the legislation that gives ownership of land to ownership of wild animals in the land has been adopted, "breeding" wildlife on a vast land and causing customers to trophy hunt within the territory "Canned hunting" is done industrially as a precious source of foreign currency income. It is a "hunting" because it is a hunt performed by releasing a "wild" animal in a "canned state".

In South Africa, land owners were given the ownership of wild animals in land owners for the purpose of making stockowners such as beef cattle and dairy cattle, but because the land is lean, it does not go well did. Barry York, who moved to South Africa from Zimbabwe in 1980, tried to purchase farms that had been a farming site in 2007 and to grow cows for meat. However, pasture grass did not grow up and pests such as ticks were generated and failed. At that time, he remembered the golden glue that the hunter who hunted trophies more than 10 years ago had shot and thought that it would be better to raise nu. I thought that gnu is a native species and should grow up.

However, Mr. York will nurture gnu for target of canned hunting, not edible. The reason is simple, because gloves for sports hunting can be sold very high. In recent years tours have been conducted to enjoy canned and hunting for wealthy people in Europe and the United States, breeding wild animals to "shoot and kill" has become established as an industry in South Africa. In South Africa, animals such as gnuses, lions, zebras, giraffes, impalas and warthogs are kept for hunting and killing, since it became clear that the candlestick becomes gold.

Despite protests from animal protection groups and others, Canand Hunting is useful as a tourism resource in South Africa. Predators of carnivores are more popular as target of hunting than herbivorous animals, and among them the king of beasts / lions is extremely expensive as a target, and the price of hundreds of thousands of yen is set for lion hunting.

However, there are also expensive targets beyond the lion. It is because the whole body is whiteWhite LionAnd rare species such as golden nuce with whole body hair. In the case of a tour of canned and hunting originating in the United States, the White Lion costs 30,000 dollars (about 3.6 million yen), the black Impala gets 45,000 dollars (about 5.4 million yen), the golden glue is about 49,900 dollars (about 600 Ten thousand yen) will be attached. In such a rare species hunting tour, guests will stay hanging out at a prestigious bungalow for 14 days and will enjoy hunting while gourmet cuisine is served.

Mr. York holds 600 nuars, among them breeding individuals with bigger corners, breeding them, then putting good quality nou in auction for nuke breeders. And it seems that big ones out of auction leaked out are sold for canned and hunting and the remaining individuals are killed for meat. Mr. York is currently naming birds, a special one with golden hair is named Columbus. "Columbus will be shot dead at 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen), which is 100 times the usual price," said Mr. York, "My top priority is to maximize income from animals raised on land Conservation of species is a by-product. "

In addition, British television station BBC has created programs on lion hunting, and you can check the actual situation of lion hunting from the following movies. There are six movies in all.

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