Buddha monk draws with sand over a month Mandala (Mandara)

I use a stick-like tool like a pile to drop sand little by little, drawing a precise mandala.

It is a work that seems to be rather patient as it can not inadvertently sigh.

Details are as below.
Ackland Online - Buddhist Art and Ritual | Mandala Construction

At first there is nothing table.

I will gradually drop the sand using a metal rod.

I began making it, after a week or so.

It is not completed yet.

I made it up. There is no disorder even though it is small.

The tool you are using.

Also fine tuning fine.

It was completed in about a month from the beginning.

It was dismantled after being exhibited for about 2 months.

The sand was drained by the water.

Mandala made in honor of Dalai Lama's 70th birthday. You can see how to make sandy mandalas.
YouTube - Sand Mandala - Part I

You can see the sand dropping from the movie in the up.
YouTube - Sand Mandala

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