"Universcale" which can compare the size of various things from proton to universe

It is a service that you can see the sizes of various things from humans and animals to protons and influenza viruses to the earth, the galaxy, the universe side by side. There are various discoveries that Empire State Building and Ayers Rock do not change as they look at height.

Access is from the following.

Click on the unit to move to that size, click on the object to see the detailed explanation. The size can be up and down with the wheel.

The minimum is fm (femtometer).

Proton is 1 fm in size. I can not understand the image at all.

At the atom, the diameter is 100 pm (picometer).

DNA with spiral structure is DNA, protein like second word from right is protein. I can not see the atom just before.

It has become something of a size that can be seen with eyes. Water drops and sesame seeds are visible at the far left.

Human appearance. On the lower scale there are still a lot of big ones.

The blue whale is slightly smaller than the Sphinx, Kirin is a bit taller than the two-storey bus.

Animals are small compared to the world landmarks.

Fuji vs. Everest. I think the shape of Mt. Fuji is something different ....

The diameter of the earth is 10 2756 km.

From the right end, Neptune, Earth, Venus are arranged in this order. Venus and Earth have almost the same diameter.

The sun is much bigger than Saturn or Jupiter.

And "light year".

At the end of the universe is 13.7 billion light years away. Even if there is something wrong, I can understand 13.7 billion years after it occurred.

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