If the black hole suddenly appears in front of your eyes in pocket size, what will you do?

ByNASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

If a black hole of the size suddenly appeared before the eyes of a coin, what will happen to those who saw the black hole? A movie that explained simple questions such as animation with "What if there was a black hole in your pocket?"is.

What if there was a black hole in your pocket? - YouTube

If suddenly a small black hole appears that will fit into your clothes pocket ... ...

Black hole enlarged while thinking to organize the situation with "?".

As a result, the person in front of the black hole dies instantly.

But how to die depends on the mass and size of the black hole.

We assume that the mass of the black hole is about 5 grams as the coin.

The radius of a black hole with a mass of 5 g is 10 - 30 m.

Since the radius of the hydrogen atom is 10 -11 m and the radius of the sun is 8 8 m, the ratio of the size of the mini-sized black hole to the size of the hydrogen atom is about the same as the ratio of the size of the hydrogen atom and the sun is.

This small black hole is a thermalHawking radiationIn order to collapse more rapidly due to the influence of ... ...

The lifetime is very short, and the mass disappears in a short time of 10 - 23 s.

Black hole says something "Kamehimeha ... ...." In fact, it will soon disappear in such a moment.

When the black hole disappears, the energy generated is 450 Tera (450 trillion) Joules.

This is three times the size of the atomic bomb explosion dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

So when a small black hole emerges in front of you, the black hole disappears in a moment and you die.

Subsequently, the diameter of the black hole was the same length as the coin.

The mass of the black hole is larger than the mass of the earth.

A black hole with a huge mass than the Earth is because the gravity is also 100 times Kyoto of the earth ......

At the moment when the black hole appeared, the human body was torn apart into cells and it was sucked into the black hole in an instant without knowing what happened.

The law of gravity is the same as on the earth ... ...

Because the density of the black hole is high, the action of gravity is totally different from that on the earth.

The action of gravity extends to the entire universe.

And the impact of gravity will weaken as you go further away.

On earth, human heads and feet can be said to be about the same distance from the center of the earth.

On the other hand, when standing on a coin-sized black hole, the feet are closer to the black hole by 100 times than the head, so the gravitational force becomes 10,000 times, and the body will be crushed into fragments from the feet .

Then the torso and the head are also sucked into pieces.

Furthermore, the influence of the black hole affects not only the person who stood on the black hole, but also the entire earth.

Because the mass of the black hole is larger than that of the earth, will it reach the center of the earth and swallow stars?

Actually, however, the earth keeps moving around the sun and moves, so when the black hole enters the earth ......

While sweeping around the center of the earth, we gradually swallow the part that passed through.

When the interior of the earth is eroded by black holes ......

Hot lava remains in the form of a disk around the black hole.

The black hole that swallowed the earth doubles the mass, so the orbit of the moon distorts into an elliptical shape.

Furthermore, the black hole also affects the solar system. By attracting asteroids with strong attraction and the massive asteroids flowing into the solar system, collisions and explosions between stars will continue for millions of years.

The planets of the solar system are also affected by the attraction of the black hole, but the orbit around the sun remains unchanged. The black hole replaces the earth and turns the sun around just like any other planet.

But the creatures on the planet will die.

However, unlike the previous one, the existence of the black hole will continue to remain in the universe.

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